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With spring right around the corner, spring cleaning closely follows. It seems that just as soon as the weather becomes more bearable, even enjoyable, is the time we wait to de-clutter our lives. But why wait? Use this time inside your homes and apartments wisely so that when spring does arrive, you’re a step ahead. Now, I’m not just talking about getting pretty new bins to store your old beanie babies or textbooks you’ll never open again, I’m talking about investing time and energy into cleansing yourself of items you don’t need anymore. While keeping some things that are of sentimental value and use is okay, there are both physical and mental repercussions to cluttering your life with the unnecessary.

Clothing/Shoes: I recently gave my closet a spring cleaning and have needed up with four bags of clothing and shoes to donate. I usually use the rule that if I haven’t worn the item in the past year, then it’s time for us to part ways. If you need help deciding what stays and what goes, invite your girlfriends over and have a fashion show! They’ll be sure to give you the honest answer that you need to say adios to those pieces you’ve been holding onto for a few too many years.

School items: These things will take more of your time since I can guarantee you’ll catch yourself reading through the comments on your report cards and reminiscing when you see some old crafts you made. Rid yourself of any old textbooks that are taking up space and weighing you down. Keep your absolute favourite crafts that you can’t bare to part with and let go of those binders of notes that you think you might need in the upcoming years.

Relationships: Now that you’ve cleansed the majority of physical items that are present in your life, you can move onto the emotional baggage. Maybe spring and the time of rebirth and new life is the perfect time to re-evaluate a romantic relationship that is causing more mental stress than it’s worth, or a friendship that is more give than it is take. Take some time to reflect about what is important to you at this point in your life, and the steps you need to take to make it happen. Surround yourself only with people that make you feel great, support you, challenge you, and motivate you.

There are some major benefits to de-cluttering your closets and your lives, and as you control your clutter you’ll be able to take control of your life and better care of yourself. Why wait until spring? Start organizing now, collegiettes!



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I'm a third year Honours Public Relations student at the University of Ottawa and am originally from Leamington, Ontario. I like to read, stay fit and spend time with family & friends!
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