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Chris Nucci ’15

This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at U Ottawa chapter.

Full name: Christopher Stephen Nucci

Age: 21

Year of graduation: 2015

Program: Joint honours Political Science and communications

Relationship status: Single

How are you involved on campus?
I got pretty involved on campus since I got here. When I was in residence, I helped a lot with the coordination of activities throughout Marchand, Stanton and 90U. I also joined the fraternity Sigma Chi and it is a pretty big part of my life in University. This year, I’m mostly involved within my fraternity. We do many philanthropic events such as Hugs for Pugs, Homeless for the Homeless and Derby Days that is coming up in March. The latter is a weeklong event where all the sororities have friendly competitions to raise money for CHEO.

Have you ever had a bad date?
Yes. This was when I was still in Montreal. I met this German exchange student in college. She was in Canada for one semester and we actually ended up dating the whole time.  For our first date, I invited her for coffee at a place along the canal. However, she jumped up on the boardwalk and lost her balance, so she fell into the water! She was soaked head to toe! We had to walk through half the school to get back to her residence…and she absolutely stunk! The funny part is she fell for me that day since it was such a weird date.

What do you look for in your significant other?
Someone who is very spontaneous, adventurous and who likes to travel. I like not knowing what is coming up next.

What is your biggest turn off?
My biggest turn off would be someone who is rude and who doesn’t respect others because of diverging opinions. I hate it when people talk in others’ back simply because of physical appearance.

Do you have any plans for Valentine’s Day?
I’m taking this girl skating on the canal during the day, and then out for a Valentines dinner at night. I will probably have a few white roses waiting at my place as well.

If you could be in a woman’s head, what would you like to know?
I would probably want to know what their intentions are, whether they just want to fool around, or if they are looking for something serious. Otherwise, you have to play it cool.

What is a general opinion women have about men that you believe is false?
Women often think that men will tell everyone about their sexual escapades, but it isn’t true. Many don’t because they don’t want the whole world to know and since University is transparent, it could work against them.

Which Hollywood star would be your ideal partner?
Definitely Jessica Biel. Her ass is amazing!

Who is your role model?
I would say Benjamin Piatt Runkle who is one of the founding brothers of Sigma Chi. He was considered the leader, the brains and the mechanics behind building the fraternity. What fascinates me is that he was in the army and had so much respect. This one time, there were a lot of street wars and the whites and the blacks were about the charge each other. Then, Runkle went in the middle of the street, put up his hands and said ‘go home’. They all put down their stuff and left. That’s how much respect he had.

Where do you see yourself in 15 years?
I would like to be off somewhere in a different country, working in politics. I want to work internationally and travel around the world. I’d like to be a diplomat or be an officer in the army. I do want to go on tour with the infantry. I’ll maybe be in Afghanistan, Kuwait or wherever they send me.