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CAMPUS CUTIES: ‘Let’s Get Tropical’ Addition

Meet Josh Badger and Curtis Shorey, two third year engineering students trying to make a tradition within their engineering dodgeball team go viral across campus. Tropical Tuesdays is their brainchild, a joint dream of having the entire campus dress in their most tropical attire on the first Tuesday of every month. We had the chance to talk to these two campus cuties, and find out who they are beyond their Hawaiian shirts and sunglasses.

Josh Badger

Name: Josh Badger                                             

Year of Study: Third

Program: Civil Engineering

Relationship Status: Available – your mom will absolutely love me

Curtis and Josh (from left to right)

Name: Curtis Shorey

Year of study: Third

Program: Civil Engineering

Relationship Status: I got a blank space baby.

HC: First things first, tell us how ‘Tropical Tuesdays’ started.Curtis: I came up with the name and the general idea. It was mainly just something fun for our Tuesday night dodgeball team to do.Josh: Our team name is ‘knock you naked’. We are all engineers, seven guys and three girls, we play every Tuesday night. Last Tuesday almost all of us were dressed in our ‘tropical gear.’ Our team cheer is “let’s get tropical!”

HC: How would you describe yourselves in three words?Curtis: How about I describe Josh in three words, and he describes me?Josh: Three words that describe Curtis? Stud, flow, classy.Curtis: Josh,  “long walks (on the) beach.”

HC: What do you both look for in a potential partner?Josh: A country girl.Curtis: I look for Josh’s approval.

HC: What is your biggest ‘turn-off’?Josh: When a girl can eat more pancakes than me. I can eat A LOT of pancakes.Curtis: When she refuses to do the naked mile after losing in flip cup. Basically, when she won’t play by the rules.

HC: Describe your dream date.Josh: A Hawaiian island and a hammock.Curtis: Pina coladas and getting caught in the rain.

HC: What do you guys do outside of  ‘Tropical Tuesdays’, engineering classes, and playing dodgeball?Curtis & Josh: We like sports and we don’t care who knows!

HC: Where are your favourite places to go for a ‘night-out’ in Ottawa?Curtis: The Cabin or the CTC (Canadian Tire Centre).Josh: Even better if we get to go to both in the same night.

HC: Where can you be found most often on campus?Josh: I’m usually headed home between classes to get food. I’m always hungry. Or you can find me anywhere giving away free stuff.Curtis: If I’m on campus I’ll be in a class.

HC: What ‘engineering stereotype’ do you disagree with the most?Josh: I like the stereotype that we ‘work hard and play hard,’ that one is true. I don’t like the stereotype that we ‘aren’t available’ because we are constantly studying. We still have time to date!Curtis: I hate that people think we never party. We definitely do.

HC: Who are your celebrity crushes?Josh: Early TSwift, the curly hair era.Curtis: I’ll go with TSwift as well.

HC: What are your dream jobs?Josh: Singer or backup dancer, I want to ‘keep it real.’ If that doesn’t work out, I guess I’ll settle for a career in engineering.Curtis: I’d like to regress in my career progress and go back to my days of lifeguarding.

HC: Who are your idols?Josh: This is cheesy, but my mom is my idol.Curtis: I’ll say Josh’s mom too, I’ve never actually met her, but I’m sure she’s a sweetheart.

HC: Last question, where will we find Curtis and Josh in ten years?Josh: In ten years you can find me going between my condo in Hawaii, and my Harley in Vegas.Curtis: I’ll settle for a tiki hut in Hawaii.

Curtis: Don’t forget to add our cheer in at the end of this!Curtis & Josh: ‘Let’s get tropical!’

Curtis and Josh (from left to right)

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