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BookTok Books That I’m Currently Obsessed With

Books have always been a major passion of mine, stemming from a young age when Percy Jackson was literally my entire life to being a little bit older, still very much in love with Percy Jackson, but suddenly finding myself more drawn to spicy yet adventure and romance filled books that from this little app called TikTok. 

You heard me right, my TikTok feed is the reason I ended up getting half the books currently sitting on my bookshelf. Why? Because I started to fall in love with the creative videos people were making for the books. Suddenly these books started sounding interesting and all I wanted to do was pick up my copies to read too! 

Naturally, I compiled a list of some of my favourite quotes and characters from each book I’ve read so far! Let's jump into these BookTok novels!

*Possible Spoilers Ahead! Read at your own risk!* 

Dead Moons Rising by Jack Whitney

  • Main Characters: Aydra Ravenspeak & Draven Greenwood
  • Genre: Adventure, Romance, High Fantasy 
  • Spice Level: There’s nothing more to say except this is SPICY! 
  • Favourite Quote: “You deserve nothing less than someone who would burn this entire kingdom to the ground for your salvation.” 

A Touch of Darkness by Scarlett St Clair

  • Favourite Characters: Hermes & Hecate
  • Genre: Modern Greek Mythology (Persephone & Hades), Romance
  • Spice Level: 4/5 on the spice spectrum! This is definitely a Percy Jackson for young adults’ kind of novel! 
  • Favourite Quote: “Respect could build an empire. Trust could make it unbreakable. Love could make it last forever.”

From Blood And Ash by Jennifer L Armentrout

  • Favourite Characters: Delano, Hawke & Poppy 
  • Genre: Fantasy, Adventure & Romance 
  • Spice Level: 3.5/5 on the spice level! The spice in this book is so perfect to the story line! But I definitely enjoyed the spice more in the second book of the FBAA series! 
  • Favourite Quote: “From this moment on I am yours.”

A Court of Silver Flames by Sarah J Maas

  • Favourite Characters: Feyre Archeron, Azriel & Rhysand 
  • Genre: Romance, Fantasy & Adventure 
  • Spice Level: The spiciest of the bunch! Compared to the rest of Sarah J Maas’ novels, this one TOPS them all in the spice department! 
  • Favourite Quote: “Keep reaching out your hand.” 

[bf_image id="r46rv7c2gvb2pwj334t9kj"] *Check out this cool cover for ACOSF that I am literally in love with, drawn by Gina Hilton! Find her @darkandbeautifulart!*

The Darkest Night by Gena Showalter

  • Favourite Characters: Maddox, Ashlyn & Torin
  • Genre: Modern Greek Mythology (Pandora’s Box) & Romance
  • Spice Level: There are definitely some spicy moments in this book but overall, the story revolves more around the amazing plot!
  • Favourite Quote: “She was terrified. Trusted him, wanted him. Her arms had reached for him.” 

Still not sure if these books are for you? Not to worry! Find me on @bellatalksbooks to see what else I had to say about these fresh new books!

*All of these books can be found on Amazon, Indigo, Apple Books, Kindle* 




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