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Ariana Grande’s Hilarious Clapback at Piers Morgan’s Sexist Comments on Little Mix

In the video, the girls choose to strip naked with all of the mean things ever said about them written across their bodies, in a statement about encouragement for women who have often felt alone and victimized. 

Piers Morgan apparently was not a fan of the women’s empowerment and promptly ran to twitter to voice his unwanted opinions. He publicly stated that Little Mix should simply use their talents and not their sexuality to sell records negating the fact that women have a choice on how they want to be portrayed. And Ari wasted no time coming at him.  Ariana Grande seeing these tweets tweeted to Morgan that woman have a choice to showcase their sexuality and that doesn’t make them any less worthy of respect, and though we can all appreciate Ariana’s history of defending women, I doubt that her message will have any effect considering Piers Morgan’s long history of misogyny.

She also took the time to support her sisters. 

Before tearing Piers Morgan apart. 

That’s a clapback in true Ari style! 


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