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9 Ways that Seeds can Make Your Food More Fancy

Small but mighty, seeds are the new (and affordable!) way to effortlessly up your fancy food game, while also sneakily packing in some essential nutrients. Grab your seed of choice — be it poppy, sesame, hemp, flax, or sunflower — and try out one of these ~luxe~ hacks.

1. Sprinkle them atop your avocado toast in the morning for bougie cafe vibes.

2. Scatter them across a smoothie and serve it in a bowl. Your influencer lifestyle awaits.

3. Mix them into a dip. Pair with veggies to upgrade an old and tired snack.

4. Layer them over a hummus on crackers for an easy but lavish app.

5. Roll them onto a banana coated in nut butter. Voilà: banana sushi.

6. Bestrew them across a dish of veggies and noods for a restaurant-worthy stir fry.

7. Use them to crust meat, fish, or cheese. Cheffing at its finest.

8. Bake them into pancakes or French toast for a novel take on brunch.

9. Stir them into a homemade (or store-bought) vinaigrette for a ~gourmet~ salad experience.

Bon appétit!

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