8 Signs It's Spring at uOttawa

Ahhh the spring! What an excellent time of year. For some, spring means better weather, flowers, and potentially falling in love. For students at uOttawa, spring means something a touch different. Here are 8 sings it's spring at uOttawa.

1. The Hot Dog Guy Emerges.

2. Every single room is booked in every single building for every single week until you graduate.

3. We realize it's warmer than it was in December, but it might be a tad too cold for shorts and a tanktop — even if you're only walking to the caf from 90U. We're judging you.

4. You can use the full set of stairs again since the red poles will finally come down.

5. Either everyone coincidentally takes up smoking at the same time, or smokers just happen to take longer breaks now that their fingers aren't freezing into popsicles holding cancer sticks.

6. Profs are happy to be nearing the end of the semester and somehow that translates to "I should assign something extra."

7. We stop crowding the bus stop cause it's worth walking to Rideau again.

8. Summer's so close we can almost taste it!


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