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7th She Will Run Conference Review: Be Her. Support Her. Celebrate Her.

This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at U Ottawa chapter.

“Because it’s 2016.” And yet, women hold an average of only around 25% of all political seats across Canada.

Equal Voice is a Canadian organisation which brings together people from across the political spectrum, and from all genders, ages and backgrounds, to promote the important message: “Be her. Support her. Celebrate her.” They have active chapters on campuses across the country.

This past Saturday, I attended the 7th annual She Will Run Conference organised by co-Presidents of Equal Voice’s uOttawa chapter: Danika Leminski and Jessica Saviotti. The event was in one word, impressive.

It brought together diverse and experienced women, and men as well, with different stories and insights about women in politics.  

“We tried to incorporate as much as we possibly could about women, politics, and leadership in this event, as well as racial, cultural, gender diversity. And we wanted to bring together women and men with different views and beliefs….At the end of the day, we all share the same goal.” — Jessica

The day began with some delicious doughnuts from SuzyQ and David’s Tea. After a performance by the Indigenous women’s hand drum group, Spirit Flowers, we dived straight into the meat of the conference.

Women in politics from all walks of life spoke about their perspective, and we had interesting and insightful discussion on everything from a family friendly Parliament to the electoral system. The talks were genuine and non-political (mostly), and truly a learning experience.

Full house as Anita Vandenbeld speaks about her experience running for MP of Ottawa-West Nepean

The list of speakers included:

  • Anita Vandenbeld (MP for Ottawa-West Nepean)
  • Elanor Brodie (VP for PC Party of Ontario),
  • Diane McIntyre (Canadian Voice of Women for Peace),
  • Clarecia Christie (International Trade Specialist),
  • Videos from interim leader of the PCP, Rona Ambrose, to Whitby MP and parliamentary secretary of PM Trudeau, Celina Caesar-Chavannes,
  • Karen McCrimmon (MP for Kanata-Ottawa), and
  • Candice Bergen (MP for Portage-Lisger).

Words to live by from Clarecia Christie

Equal Voice National is also running an exciting event for next year, which is the 100th year anniversary of the vote for all women in Canada: Daughters of the Vote. To celebrate, they are inviting all of you young women from the ages 16 to 21 to apply to be representatives for their federal ridings for this leadership project. The event will bring you from your home ridings all the way to your provincial and territorial legislatures and then to an ambitious leadership summit on Capital Hill for International Women’s Day.If you have any interest in politics at all, Equal Voice is a great organisation with a great community. The Ottawa regional chapter is on-campus, and also looking for new executives soon. Check them out at http://www.equalvoice.ca/ and http://equalvoiceuottawa.wordpress.com.


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