7 Reasons Why It's Great to be Single on Valentine's Day

Flowers, chocolates and the infamous red hearts. Valentine`s Day is upon us, my friends. But, don`t despair if you happen to be single on Valentine`s Day! Being single isn’t all bad. What with all the mushy stuff and the coupley, lovey-dovey lovebirds flitting around campus, it can be kind of overwhelming. But, here are some reasons why being single can be amazing!

1. You can hog all the alcohol. Who shares? Pfft. One bottle for you, ANOTHER bottle for you…

2. No one will judge your poor life decisions. 

3. You'll don't have to spend a ton of money. 

4. Pick up a copy of Love and Misadventure by Lang Leav and read mushy love poems without getting told off. This book of poems will lift your spirits and simply encourage you to maintain your “high” (no, they’re not) standards. For example, being scatterbrained is an “endearing trait”. For it is “neither here, nor there, but everywhere.” In modern syntax, that translates to “celebrate your weirdness. You go, girl!

5. You can dance as awkwardly as you want without feeling guilty. 

6. Netflix is your boyfriend. Period. 

7. Being single will make you sexier and more appealing.

SO, none of this….

And more of this


So, this Valentine’s Day, don’t sweat the small stuff. Get drunk and live it out with your partners in crime by your side. Happy Valentine`s  Day, HC Babes! Make us proud!