5 Ways to Wear Animal Print Without Looking Trashy

Yeah, you read that headline right! I’m going to show you five ways to wear your favourite animal prints, without the slightly trashy factor that these patterns sometimes bring out in the best of us.

1. Leopard Print Shoes
I will forever maintain that leopard print is neutral and goes with anything, but if you’re not quite ready to pair your leopard prints with reds and yellows, go for a pair of cute booties or shoes with jeans and other neutral and earthy tones.

2. Zebra Print Skirt

To be honest with you, zebra print was the hardest to find - for some reason, this print isn't usually paired with a lot of things, but a zebra print skirt with a black blouse is surprisingly cute, and perfect for a casual office look!

3. Tiger Sweats

The Kenzo tiger sweater is iconic in the fashionista sphere, but the garish colours the designer usually uses have always put me off. Until I found this all-black version! Sign me up, please… now to find a way to buy it without breaking the bank...

4. Fur Vests

I know fur isn’t technically animal print, but in my opinion, it fits the general description. Fur vests can go very over the top, very quickly. To avoid looking like an ewok, pair your fur vest with an all-black look to keep yourself sleek, warm and cozy!

5. Snakeskin Pants

Snakeskin is super in right now - for bags, anyways. But that’s not all this super cool slithery print is good for! Pair snakeskin printed pants with pastels for a cute, classy spring look - just avoid print mixing with this one, because it can get very busy.

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