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SO, fall is officially here! It’s the best season for people to wear whatever they want—and when we say whatever, we really mean whatever. You can wear anything from a dress to a sweater, from jeans to shorts. Fall is a time when you can truly express your sense of fashion to the fullest. There are tons of things to add to your fall closet that can help truly accentuate your look. The following items are things that have been recently trending online and are super cool! All these trends are gender neutral and we encourage everyone to give at least one a try!


Vests are a great way to help spice up your look! For example, you can wear a button-down with a cute skirt and a vest to help make your outfit more put together. Wearing a vest with some baggy pants is also a great way to look chic but casual at the same time. Vests are totally appropriate for fall weather, as well as affordable! You can find them at the thrift store for great prices. A vest is so versatile it can be worn to class, on a night out, and even for a semi-formal event!

Grandma rings

Rings have always been around, but recently there has been a rise in chunky metal rings. Something you might find in your grandma’s jewelry box, to be frank. Wearing “grandma rings” is an easy way to accessorize a simple outfit without standing out too too much. Again, this accessory can literally be worn whenever! Rings are so versatile and are a classy addition to any fit. Plus, you can never have too many of them!


Ok, stick with us. We were pretty hesitant on this one at first because the name sounded so unfamiliar. However, we’ve definitely fallen in love. These Birkenstock clogs are THE fall shoes. Again, they’re versatile with a capital “V”—they go with trousers, skirts, jeans, and leggings. They are extremely comfortable and are especially perfect for university students who have to be walking around campus all day. They also fit with the fall weather—you know, the not too cold and not too hot vibe. They are a bit pricey, but you can find some deals on Amazon!

Letterman Jackets

They’re back and better than ever. They were super trendy for a bit but somehow disappeared, and here they are again! These jackets can definitely be expensive if bought new⁠—which is ok because lately, the worn-out, vintage look is in, so your local thrift stores should have just what you need. These oversized jackets can look amazing with slip dresses, skirts, and even dress shirts and some trousers! Additionally, with the bigger size, you can layer the jacket with sweaters or hoodies to make it more casual and keep you warm during those cold fall days. Mix it together with the rings mentioned above and you, my friend, have a fall fit.


Whether this pattern is found on pants, blazers, or skirts, pinstripes are back in fashion. The pinstripe pattern can create such a nice silhouette by creating an illusion of added height in your outfit with its vertical lines. Pinstripes can make such a simple outfit look so chic and put together! For example, instead of having black trousers and a white tank top, you can switch out the plain trousers with some that have pinstripes and it can give you a “model-off-duty” look. Another way the pattern can work is on blazers: Wearing a slip-dress under a pinstripe blazer with some chunky shoes is a super unique and refreshing way to wear this pattern in your fall looks.

Overall, there are many new exciting things coming this way for the fall, especially in fashion. These are just some of the trends for this season that can add some inspiration to your closet board on Pinterest. Tag us on Insta if you incorporate any of them into your outfits!

Mariam Shahid

U Ottawa '23

A 4th-year Management student currently pursuing a degree in Commerce. I like to read, write and tamper with anything music!