5 Sunny Summer Essentials

The summer sun is just around the corner and daydreaming of the associated sunny style eases the mind during exam season and gets you through the polarizing spring weather (snow in April? No, thank you). Summer is a time to experiment with your style, no need to bundle up and dress for warmth. It’s time to dress however you like and without having to check the weather every morning to account for wind chill (although, don’t discount the humidity index). Music festivals, patios, pools, and all summer festivities call for cute outfits and great Insta aesthetics. This summer is pulling its trends out of the time capsule with the free spirited, colorful, but soft styles inspired by the 1970s. Here are 5 things to add to brighten up your summer closet and to take some notes from the fashionistas of the past. 

1. Anything 70s

Flower Power is in the air, and so are intricate and soft floral prints. These florals range from subdued to boldly bright and everything from flowy pants to rompers, and bell-sleeved tops to cute crops are bearing this beautiful, 70s inspired pattern. Not normally the pattern person? These florals pair well with neutral tones, and can be worn with a variety of pieces. 1970s infused florals stand out whether you’re shopping in the Byward market, or in amongst the florals at the Tulip Festival.

2.  Off-the-Shoulder Tops

These off-the-shoulder tops come in all shapes, sizes, and styles! Showing off your sexy shoulders adds a unique touch to any outfit, casual or formal, and looks great with paired bold accessories. A tight and striped off-the-shoulder crop top paired with a choker and black skater skirt; or a billowy gypsy inspired off-the-shoulder top and cut off denim shorts! These tops are perfect for the sunny summer months and to bear the air of the 1970s style.
An additional plus is the sleeve placement and their ability to counter the dreaded farmers tan, but beware and always wear SPF (yes, this is part PSA) to avoid crazy sun exposure and tan lines. 

3. Button-up Skirt

Suede, denim or leather, these skirts go with everything and are versatile pieces to have on hand this summer, especially if you are planning on travelling. The skirt’s versatility comes from its ability to be worn casually or formally, with pretty much anything. These skirts can be found in any color, material or any length and throw back to the days of the 1970s.
Take a longer, suede skirt with buttons down the front, paired with a flowy tank and ribbon wedges and you’re set for dinner on the patio. For a more casual look go for a mini denim buttoned up skirts, with a cute baseball tee crop and a pair of white vans (DAMN Daniel!).

4. Chunky Slip-on Sandals

The best part about summer is not being confined to bulky winter boots. Summer is a time for sandals. Every year a new style of sandals comes onto the scene and this year we love the thick strap sandal and platforms. These sandals call to the hippy era pair perfectly with the other 70s inspired trends. These shoes can be casual or formal and are perfect for strolling the town, beach or festival. 

5. Denim on Denim

Before you start picturing the classic Canadian tuxedo, turn your attention back to the 1970s trend. Summer is no stranger to denim, with jean jackets and denim cutoffs. This summer denim takes denim beyond the typical trends to the 1970s with dresses, rompers and skirts in the classic, faded pastel blue. These classic pieces add fun, cute and vintage flair to any wardrobe.
Take a denim overall-style dress and pair with a cute pastel pink crop underneath, with ruffle socks and a pair of white converse for a flirty, but fun outfit. Take a collared denim romper for nights out on the town and pair it with wedges or knee high boots.
This summer add some 70s flair to your wardrobe and up your sunny style. These light, but bold colors emphasize all that makes you fall in love with summer. As Justin Trudeau would say sunny days are ahead and you can turn heads with these stylish and inspired pieces. 

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