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5 Must-See Blockbusters in Summer 2016

This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at U Ottawa chapter.

We are in for a treat this summer. A ridiculous number of blockbusters are coming out or returning to cinemas. Everything from Independence Day 2 to Tarzan to the next Captain America. Here’s a handy list of five movies that are going to be huge and definitely break the box office.

1. Captain America: Civil War: May 6
An exciting continuation of the Marvel Avengers World which will pit Chris Evans’ abs, er, Captain America against the lovely Iron Man. Make sure to watch it in 3D and be amazed as super heroes and super humans clash in front of your face.

2. Finding Dory: June 17
Just keep swimming… The long-awaited sequel to one of the best movies from our childhood is finally here. This time, we follow Dory, Martin and Nemo’s adventures across the ocean to California in an effort to find her forgotten family. They arrive at a rehabilitation centre and aquarium and enlist the help of an octopus, a beluga whale, and a near-sighted shark. The animation looks beautiful and I am so excited for all the tears that are going to follow some great laughs.

3. Independence Day: Resurgence: June 24
Independence Day redefined an entire genre of movies when it came out in 1996. Expect this sequel to be an action packed spectacle on the global scale with alien-fighting and extraterrestrial technology.

4. The Legend of Tarzan: July 1
Alexander Skarsgård plays Tarzan, now known as John Clayton III, in the years after his return to ‘civil society’ with wife, Jane, played by Margot Robbie. The star-studded cast also includes Samuel L. Jackson and Christopher Waltz.

5. Ghostbusters: July 15
Ghostbusters is coming out! Badass women play badass women. No other words needed. Go see it!



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