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The year is 2015 and everything is moving faster than ever. From the increasingly fast rate trends and fads are cycling through to the seemingly quick amount of time between the fashion months, we eventually have to realize that keeping up (with the Kardashians) is getting harder everyday. I know constantly buying clothes is a struggle that every fashionable university student faces (like seriously, why do I always shop so much when I need to buy books?!), so I’m here to be an enabler of that.

Because new technology is nodding its head at all of us and has granted us loads of ridiculously helpful fashion-related apps, I thought I’d share a few of the must-haves. This list is to make your life 1000 times easier and to encourage your horrible spending habits despite what your bank account says.


You’ve probably heard of it, but what even is it? Wanelo is a shopping app that allows you to look at clothes all around the world wide web, purchase from multiple different sources, and save clothes for future reference. You can surf the entire internet, find pieces from just about anywhere, and throw ‘em all in your shopping cart. Consider it a entire mega-mall at your fingertips.

Best Feature: It displays an array of clothing items and shoes specifically based on your purchases and likes!


Polyvore has taken the internet by storm over the past couple of years and has managed to create its own niche market as an app. Polyvore gives the user opportunities to create and style their own outfits and save them, whether for inspiration, real stylist purposes, or just for fun! You can follow other users and submit your ‘sets’ to groups as well. It’s a creative and cute way to put together kits, whether they be of your dream wardrobe or based on clothes you already own.

Best Feature: If you find clothes that you like elsewhere on the Internet, you can clip them and save them in your ‘items’. All of the items are sourced, so you can purchase anything that anyone else has posted that catches your eye.

The Hunt

Y’know when you’re on Tumblr and you see a picture of someone wearing a really cute dress and you really wish you could get it, but there’s no link anywhere and a little part of you dies inside knowing you may never get this dress? Well, the Hunt pretty much changed the game. It’s a really cool, community-based app where you can post pictures of whatever it is you want to find and other people feed you links to the exact product pages or give you suggestions to similar items. This has got to be one of the most useful apps of the century.

Best Feature: There are drop-down bars where you can list price range, whether you want something exactly identical to your item or just something similar, tags to get your item trending, etc.


An amazing app that allows its users to take photos in their outfits and list sources for their looks! I’ve yet to see an app like this where you can embrace shopping to enhance your own style and herald community at the same time. Use this app to take a look at the wardrobes of bloggers, stylists, and merchants alike.

Best Feature: You can purchase specific items modelled by other users in mini-marketplace Pose offers!


Another incredibly helpful app that I highly suggest. ShopStyle is a massive database full of clothing items that can be narrowed down by its search engine. You know what style dress you need, but none of your local favourite stores have it? ShopStyle. You’re having a hard time finding a pair of stilettos that aren’t expensive? ShopStyle. You want a blue and green plaid velvet mini skirt, but aren’t sure where to look? ShopStyle. Just enter whatever it is you want to find and it’ll give you a great selection of options.

Best Feature: It updates prices for items that are on sale or no longer in stock ASAP!

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Tamia Thompson

U Ottawa '16

I shoot film photos, I travel a bit, and I collect records; but nothing comes close to my profound love for fashion. You can catch me shamelessly justifying putting portions of my tuition into upscale raincoats and designer shoes.
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