12 Best Episodes of Grey's Anatomy You Need to Rewatch

Warning: The following article may contain spoliers if you aren't caught up on the show. 

I must confess that when exam period hits, I barely study. I tell myself that this time around, I will be better at studying, but instead I write articles like this one or when I get home I snuggle in my bed and re-watch the shows that I love the most. One of these shows is the incredilble, and always entertening Grey's Anatomy. For some reason, when I watch that show, I feel so intelligent and knowlegable. I think watching a bunch of doctors and nurses in scrubs has the power to hypnotize you. Here are my favourite Grey's Anatomy episodes that I don't mind watching over and over again: 

Into a Train: Season 2, Episode 6
This episode was a complete train wreck...in an awesome way for sure. I don't want to spoil anything, just go watch it!

As We Know It: Season 2, Episode 16 
In this episode, I really believed that it would be the end of the show. I thought that Meredith would die, and that the show would have no reason to continue...after all, what can I expect when the main character has her hand inside a cavity that might explode with any wrong movement?

Didn’t We Almost Have It All: Season 3, Episode 25 
Our Cristina Yang is all grown up, she is about to marry the man of her dreams...or maybe not? 

Freedom : Season 4 Episode 16/17
In this episode, I witnessed how some people, especially teens, tend to be ridiculous in the name of love. Would you jump in fresh cement to show your love to someone?

Now or Never: Season 5, Episode 24
This was the hardest episode for me. This was the day that I lost my 007! No one saw it coming.

The Time Warp: Season 6: Episode 15
We got to go back in time to see a young Bailey in action. As a bonus, we got to see Ellis Grey and Richard Webber when they were just starting out too.

This Magic Moment: Season 8, Episode 11 
We got to see a risky surgery involving conjoined twins, and more drama with Teddy, Cristina, Bailey and Ben. 

If/Then: Season 8, Episode 13
Have you ever wondered "what if?" Meredith will get the chance to experience life in an alternate reality. What if her mom didn't have Alzheimer's? What if she had never met Derek? What if Richard had stayed with Ellis Grey? 

Stand Up: Season10, Episode 12
In my opinion, the "Jackson and April love story" starts here. The moment when he stood up as she was getting married to another man was the best thing ever to watch.

Fear (of the Unknown): Season 10, Episode 24 
Cristina is about to leave Seattle for good and guess what happens: a possible act of terrorism. She will not be going anywhere...we hope. 

How to Save a Life: Season 11, Episode 21
I think the majority of Grey's Anatomy fans are not over this heartbreaking moment of the last decade of this show. We are about to see how we lost our McDreamy, and there is nothing we can do about it. 

My Next Life: Seaons 12, Episode 15
Meredith will confront her past in a very frightening way.

What are your favorite episodes of Grey's Anatomy? What shows do you like to rewatch? Let us know on our Twitter page. 


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