10 Group Costumes For The Girls

Now is the time to start planning your costumes, and what’s more fun than costumes for you and your girls? Here are 10 group costume ideas for you and your friends this Halloween.

Euphoria theme

Put your makeup skills to the test and get your group glammed up to show off your gorgeous outfits.

Euphoria Zendaya Dancing Giphy

Wonder Woman and the Amazon

Dress up like the powerful baddies you are.

Photo by Kristina Paukshtite from Pexels

Money Heist

Bring out your inner Spanish mastermind through a group Money Heist costume!

Totally Spies

Your favourite childhood anime, fashionably brought to life.

Powerpuff Girls

Why choose between cute or hot when you can be both?

Clueless Theme

Our favourite fashion from the 90s.

Gif from the movie Clueless Giphy

Grease Themed

Or maybe the 50s better suit your style.

The Care Bears

For those who are true softies at heart.

Nintendo Universe

Have some fun getting dressed as the character you always pick in Mario Kart!

Fruit Salad

Can’t think of anything else to do? You can’t go wrong with fruit!