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10 Fun Quarantine-Friendly Hobbies to Keep You Busy

While periods of rest filled with doing a whole lot of nothing can be great, and are often necessary, if you’re like me, it doesn’t take long for boredom to set in. If you’ve found yourself with a surplus of free time thanks to a school break, stay-at-home orders, or for any other reason, the try taking up some of these hobbies to stay occupied! You may even find a new skill! 

Painting: Whether its watercolour, acrylic or paint-by-number, painting is a relaxing hobby that with practice (or natural ability if you’re lucky) will reward you with a beautiful piece of art

Learn Morse Code: While this may not be the most practical skill, learning morse code is a neat challenge that can leave you with a great fun fact for your next round of “two truths and a lie!”

Knitting: Not just for grandmothers anymore, knitting can improve your memory and fine motor skills, all while creating a custom piece of clothing or an accessory for you or a friend!

Cooking: Cooking is one of those things that a person either loves or hates, but seeing as we spend almost 5 years of our lives eating, why not try to make the most of your meals by sharpening your skills in the kitchen. 

Gardening: With a rise in popularity of trendy (and incredibly resilient) succulents, gardening is a fun and therapeutic option - greenthumb or not. My aloe vera plant survived over 4 months without watering after I forgot to bring it home during quarantine!

Calligraphy: Calligraphy combines writing and art for results that may make friends and colleagues jealous. (As an added bonus you can even save on costs down the line by DIY-ing your wedding invitations!)

Podcasting: Forget a fancy studio and expensive microphones, if you’ve got a phone that can record voice memos, you’re good to go. Whether you’re keen on the topic of new movies, good reads, or simply want to share funny discussions with friends, pick a subject and press record. Even if you don’t end up doing anything with the recording, it can be a unique way to capture memories to listen back on in the future! 

Volunteering: While Covid-19 has made volunteering in person more challenging, there are many virtual volunteer opportunities available across the country and beyond. Visit Volunteer Canada for a compilation of some of the many volunteer opportunities currently available. 

Learn Sign Language: Perhaps one of the most useful of the hobbies on this list, sign language can introduce you to a whole new community and may even boost your communication skills

Pick Up a New Language: There are many free resources to learn a language, and as mentioned above, learning a new language will allow you to connect with a whole new culture and community. Pick up a book from the library (many are currently offering curbside delivery) or download an app like Duolingo to start practicing for when borders open back up and you are able to put that language to use.


3rd Year Human Resource Management student at the University of Ottawa
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