Why I'm Proud to be Basic

It all started when my friends and I jokingly asked each other if we could each be a car, what would we be (because how else would we be procrastinating studying for finals?). My friend turned to me and said “Whatever you are, it has to be as basic as possible”. At first I was a little offended; after all wasn’t “basic” synonymous with unoriginal and mainstream? 

So what exactly does it mean to be basic? Urban dictionary defines “basic” as “only interested in things mainstream, popular, and trending.” The term may conjure up images of pumpkin spice lattes, Canada Goose jackets, and doing anything to get the perfect ‘gram. Basic trends can be characterized as those that many people of our generation follow. And to be honest, I do not see the problem in this. I like my pumpkin spices extra hot, my jackets extra warm, and my Instagrams with just the right filter that matches my feed. And yet, I could be criticized for this by my fellow millennials. At some point it became “uncool” to follow trends. I definitely don’t believe anyone was urging my mother to ditch her mainstream bell bottoms because let’s be real here, no one would have worn those on their own accord (I’m looking at you Juicy jumpsuits). But at some point, the hipster movement exploded, and it was no longer cool to accept what everyone else was wearing and doing. 

However, in each of us, there is a part that would like to believe that we are original in our motives and behavior, but there is also something comforting about following the pack mentality. On a certain level it becomes a part of wanting to be accepted, to be a part of a greater group then just yourself. So, yes, while you may have a hard time spotting me in the Ugli with my Bean boots and Starbucks cup in hand, know that I am basic and proud. I enjoy being a part of the trends that unite us millennials and not gonna lie but this mocha Frappe with extra whip tastes pretty dang good. 

Image courtesy of: Imgur