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Which Michigan Football Player Are You, Based On Your Zodiac Sign?

Scorpio: Josh Ross

Scorpio is a very interesting sign. It is often mistaken as a fire sign because of its power and passion, however it is a water sign. Scorpios are defined by their empathy, commitment, and willingness to sting anyone who wrongs them or someone they care about. 

With all this being said, Scorpios’ zodiac twin is the linebacker from Southfield, Michigan, Josh Ross. Josh has shown just how lethal his sting can be, taking down opponents left and right to pick up 44 tackles and 4 sacks. I would be worried if I were a Spartan. 

Sagittarius: Cornelius Johnson

Sagittarians are true freespirits who are fueled by wanderlust. Sagittarians typically love to travel and see as much of the world as possible. Accordingly, Cornelius Johnson likes to travel across the football field (he’s explored 318 yards and discovered 3 touchdowns so far this season). 

Sagittarians are full of life and energy and like Cornelius are talented and driven. If you want to see your zodiac twin show off his Sagittarian skills, tune into the game this saturday October 30 at noon.

Megan Charles

Capricorn: Jim Harbough

Capricorns are ambitious and driven. They, more than any other sign, are the ones who are going to get it done. They are also very stubborn and like things done their way. Does that remind you of anyone? A certain khaki-wearing football coach by the name of James Joseph Harbaugh perhaps?

If you are a Capricorn, congratulations because your zodiac twin is the legend himself, Coach Harbaugh. Capricorns are known to be successful because of the work ethic they put into everything they do. Let’s just hope Coach Harbough can lead the Wolverines to some success on November 27.

Aquarius: J.J. McCarthy

Aquarians are known for their independence and free thinking. They are very unique individuals and they usually are aware of this. But they are also very friendly and kind people. I can speak from personal experience of riding the elevator with JJ that this describes him well. 

The Freshman has proven his skills and has become a crowd favorite in his debut season at the collegiate level, no doubt thanks in large part to his commitment to his passion, a very Aquarius characteristic indeed.

Megan Charles

Pisces: Donovan Edwards

Pisces are water signs and the last sign in the zodiac. They are imaginative, adaptive, and emotionally intune. Pisces are also ruled by the feet, it makes sense now why Donovan is so quick on his. The freshman running back has shown us all just how important it is to be adaptable in the game of football, and really just life.

Figuring out how to handle the obstacles in front of you and doing it while remaining true to yourself is a lesson that everyone should learn, and it’s one that any pisces would be happy to demonstrate.

Aries: The Student Section

Aries is the first sign in the zodiac, and Arians love this. Aries love to be first. They like to lead, be admired, and win. Arians are passionate and confident people. Sometimes they are criticized for their direct and brutally honestness. But in their defense, if you don’t want a crowd of thousands of college students chanting in unison that you suck, just make the first down. 

If you were lucky enough to be born under the sign of Aries, then your zodiac sign Michigan football twin is none other than the infamous student section. The student section’s childish insistence that every missed catch is pass interference, and their tendency to get mildly aggressive when OSU is mentioned, captures the fire and spirit of Aries perfectly.

Megan Charles

Taurus: David Ojabo

Taurus is represented with the Bull. They are strong, tough, hard working, grounded, and disciplined. The first thing I think of when hearing those traits is a linebacker. So it makes perfect sense that the 6’5” stud from Scotland, David Ojabo, is all you Taureans zodiac twin. 

If you are a Taurus, you may have picked up that Taurus’ have a stereotype of being unwillingly stubborn. And while it’s true that not every Taurus is the same, it is a relatively accurate stereotype, but what’s miscalculated is this quality being bad. Look where David’s stubbornness and grit has gotten him.

Gemini: Cade McNamara

A huge principle for Geminis is communication–and most of them are very good at it. This helps them be strong leaders for whatever team they are a part of, such as the Michigan Football team. 

Cade McNamara is the junior starting quarterback for Michigan’s team. He is a very smart player which is a very good reflection of his Sun sign. Expect to see Cade showing off his adaptability and flexibility in the game this weekend, like any good Gemini.

Megan Charles

Cancer: Mike Macdonald

The cancer is represented by the crab and they are very loyal, committed, and intuitive. Cancers intuitively make them very good at reading people and situations. This skill set in addition to his many years of experience makes Mike Macdonald a great addition to the Michigan coaching staff as the defensive coordinator.

Fellow Cancerians will be able to recognize the importance of protecting themselves and those close to them, just as coach Macdonald has shown is important to him.

Leo: Aiden Hutchinson

Leo’s, like other fire signs, are natural leaders. They are full of energy and tend to be confident and bold. These very qualities have helped Aiden be voted a captain by his teammates and pick up 24 total tackles so far this season. 

Aiden is a living embodiment of a Leo. His 6’6” stature is even a good representation of the Lion that symbolizes the Leo. If you too are a Leo, expect to find yourself at the center of many social groups, leading the pack, and enjoying yourself while doing it.

Megan Charles

Virgo: Christopher Hinton

Virgos are very smart. They are planners and they are organized. They are also usually very accomplished but very humble about those achievements. They also tend to be perfectionist and won’t stop until they have done something right. 

These qualities transfer well into success in any field, including the defensive line of Michigan’s football team. This makes Christopher Hinton a perfect representation of the Virgo sign. Christopher has been a big part of Michigan’s defensive success and we couldn’t be more thankful to this Virgo star on our team. 

Libra: A.J. Henning

Hello Libra! As I’m sure you are aware, Libras love balance, harmony, and being a part of a team. Libras are said to represent the “we.” They care deeply about the success of the group. So, all my Libras out there, I am pleased to inform you that your Michigan player is none other than the sophomore Wide Receiver A.J. Henning.

A.J. is a very team-oriented person. He loves to compete with, and for his team, every time he steps onto the field–the 147 punt return yards he’s accumulated thus far prove this. A.J. encompasses perfectly the sociable, charming, and harding-working characteristics that most Libras can see in themselves. 

Megan Charles
Maddy is a student at the University of Michigan in the college of Literature, Science, and the Arts. She is planning on majoring in History and minoring in Education for Empowerment. Maddy is a writer and feature editor for Her Campus at UMich.
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