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What Your Halloween Costume Says About You

This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at U Mich chapter.

Halloween is a very fun, yet slightly confusing holiday. While dressing up and eating pounds of candy is obviously a blast, the idea of celebrating a day where people go out in a costume and pretend to be something they’re not is a bit odd. If you think about the holiday in this sense, what one chooses to dress up as may actually say something about that person; they chose one thing to pretend to be for the night, after all. So, I decided to explore what your costume choice may say about you, accompanied with a few real childhood Halloween photographs of myself (you’re welcome in advance).

An animal

If you choose to dress as an animal of some sort, as many girls do, it could be saying a few different things. You could go the wild route, choosing something like a cat or a bunny (yes, wild, as you can see pictured above). If you choose to go the wild route, you give off a fun and flirty aura, reflecting that you are fun, yet not totally bold. Through disguising your wild side with an animal costume, you still give off bold vibes, but you do so respectfully through hiding it in a cute animal costume. Clever. You could also just go the straight up adorable route, wearing a onesie or some form of big fluffy suit to show how wholesome you are. 

A matching costume

As you can see in the photo above, I clearly didn’t have many friends when I was younger as I am “twinning” with my doll rather than an actual friend. However, many friends like to match during Halloween. If you decide to go the matching route, you not only display to everyone that you have friends, but you also can choose practically any outfit and feel less weird about it because you have someone else wearing it, too. For instance, if you and your friends decide to match with embarrassing costumes, it’s not quite as embarrassing because you have someone next to you wearing the same exact thing the entire night. So, choosing a matching costume basically says that you have a squad, but may not have the courage to be bold on your own.

A blast from the past

It can be really fun to bring back some of the old looks (i.e. me as a flapper circa early 2000’s). I’ve seen many girls go in 80’s workout theme, as hippies, as pink ladies, or in rock n’ roll theme. If you choose to go with this theme, it reflects that you are creative and, in a sense, somewhat cultured. You’re embracing the old styles and recognizing their existence, thus reflecting that you have some sense of knowledge about how the times have changed and are recognizing that history (in the least significant way possible, but still counts).

Choosing a costume for Halloween can be a tough decision; however, if you take into account how you want to be perceived through your outfit choice, you can’t go wrong! Although it is quite weird to celebrate pretending to be something you’re not, it is kinda cool to choose which vibes you want to give off for a night through simply putting on an outfit.


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