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Things on Campus Worse Than 2016

Let’s just get something out there. 2016 blew. Luckily, as finals wind down we can all spend the last two weeks of 2016 sleeping and know that whatever happens in 2017, it will (probably) be better. Until then, here are a few non-political, lighthearted things worse than the kick-in-the-stomach that was 2016.

  1. The bathrooms in Mason Hall. Sure, some of the quotes are uplifting, but come on, University of Michigan! You would think expensive out-of-state tuition might cover toilets that flushed.
  2. The Markley Wind Tunnel. Just Brutal.
  3. Arriving on central campus and being splashed by blue bus.

4. January 4th start date. Are you kidding?!

5. Finals that end December 22nd. Again, are you kidding?!

6. Outlet access in the Ugli.

7. The line at Espresso Royale on Latte Day. It’s so long that you might very well be late to your 10AM.

8. 9 AM classes at North Quad—the only building further from you than the MLB.

9. Your realtor, probably.

10. The process of finding whatever you just printed in the fishbowl.

11. The crows that terrorize you when you walk down South Forest.

12. The serving sizes at the dining hall.

13. Hatcher’s hours. What library closes at 4pm?

14. Having no grocery stores in walking distance of campus.

15. Prices of t-shirts at the MDEN.

16. LORCH 140—the seats are so cramped.

17. Living on North Campus.

18. Norovirus outbreaks.

19. Trying to find a subleaser.

20. Diag preachers.

21. UHS walk-in clinics.

22. How cold it has been all week.

23. That it will only continue to get colder.

24. The curve in econ 101 and most math classes.

25. Diner options. There are none.

26. Having to use M-guest because M-wireless will always cut out when you need it the most, specifically during registration and finals.


Photos courtesy of: Michigan Sustainability, StaticFlickr, Wikimedia, AnnArbor.com & Cdn. 


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