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The Best – and Worst – RomComs on Netflix!

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I watched a bunch of RomComs on Netflix and I’ll let you know which ones are worth the watch! From run-of-the-mill Netflix romances to the best romantic comedies you’ll ever watch, I’ll let you know which ones are a “must-watch” or a “please avoid”!

Someone Great

Gina Rodriguez is one of my favorite actresses ever, so naturally, I love every movie she is in, and this is no exception. The main character, Jenny, is recently single after the end of a nine-year relationship and she has to find her way back to herself over the course of one day. The movie has flashbacks to prior experiences to fill in the story’s details about her relationship and you will laugh and cry, guaranteed. It’s a little unconventional but in all the best ways! Her best friends lowkey carry the movie and you’ll fall more in love with NYC than you probably already are! I cannot recommend this film enough, please watch it!!


You already know this movie rocks because Gina Rodriguez starred in it! The story goes as follows: A group of friends obsessed with hookups gets thrown for a loop when the main character, Mack, decides she wants to date someone seriously. The majority of the movie is about her friends helping her do this but it turns out that her best friend, Adam, has been in love with her for years. This movie definitely feels a little different for a rom-com and unfortunately, it is a little hard to buy that Adam and Mack are in love throughout. I wish there were more one-on-ones with them just to show the love connection throughout the story. Overall, Gina Rodriguez slays once again and the movie is adorable, no doubt. Definitely recommend!

Love at First Sight

Ugh, this was a beautiful movie and a great retelling of A Midsummer Night’s Dream! Storyline: When Oliver and Hadley have the most adorable meet-cute in an airport, they find themselves faced with the probability of being in love, and their connection is shown all the way through. The movie itself is very bright and beautiful and the way that the characters make their way back to each other will leave you feeling hopeful of love at first sight! There are a few twists in the movie but I think it enhances the romance and love even more. This movie had me in tears and smiling at the same time and I cannot emphasize the quality of this movie enough! 

Set It Up

A classic!!! Glen Powell is reason alone to watch this movie. Basically, when two assistants in the same building, Harper and Charlie, find their bosses lonely and mean, they decide to “set them up” with each other to give themselves more free time. But in this new free time, they end up falling for each other! This is the perfect workplace romance for the twenty-first century and will totally leave you wanting to work in publishing in NYC to find your perfect match! The characters are lovable and have an adorable sustained romance throughout the movie which will satiate the hopeless romantic and leave the rest of us wanting a little more spice between them! 100% worth the watch and will become your new comfort movie!

Your Place or Mine

This movie surprised me! I didn’t know this was a romance movie until I turned it on but wow, it is perfect! Reese Witherspoon and Ashton Kutcher put on the best performance in this heartwarming film. The story goes: Peter and Debbie have been friends for decades but when they swap houses for a week, they soon discover their connection goes deeper. This friends-to-lovers movie shows the raw and beautiful side of love while also showing how it can work in everyday life. It builds a little slow but the second half of the movie has everything falling into place! I loved this movie so much and you probably will too!

Wedding Season 

Yes. Yes. Yes! Ugh, this is a great example of the “fake dating” trope we are all obsessed with since the first season of Bridgerton. Our lovely main characters, Asha and Ravi, set out to fool their friends and family into thinking they are dating to finally get everyone off their backs about getting married. Though the film is a little cheesy, I loved the characters and they slayed this trope so hard. Definitely not the best movie to ever be made, but it will make you smile and have you hoping to find your true love!

The Wrong Missy

LMFAO, this one is a comedy more than anything. I hesitated to include this movie because there isn’t much romance in it but boy, it is funny. Plot summary: After Tim accidentally invites the wrong woman on a job retreat, they must figure out how to act as a couple in front of everyone meanwhile she, Missy, shows off her funky quirks that end up leaving him in raptures. This movie will have you laughing all the way through and eventually falling in love with our main characters. The movie is a little bit confusing but it is definitely worth the watch!

Love Again

I was astonished by this one! Priyanka Chopra Jonas and Sam Heughan (yes, Outlander fans, rise!) have the sweetest romance ever in this movie. After the death of her fiance, Mira feels hopeless and thinks love will never find her again. Rob, who can’t seem to uncover the mystery of love, finds himself falling hard and fast for Mira and nothing can get in the way of their adorable chemistry. This movie has everything: great acting, many of the classic rom-com plot points, and a very realistic vibe. It is a little sad throughout but the main characters never make you lose hope! Bonus: Nick Jonas makes a cameo as a failed first date which is adorable and my favorite thing ever!

Love Hard

The cast is reason alone to pick up this Christmas romcom! Nina Dobrev, Jimmy Yang, and Darren Barnet set the scene for a totally cute and hilarious holiday romance. From online dating gone wrong, to friends to lovers, to the family drama, Love Hard is hard not to love (pun intended)! There are a lot of funny romance and holiday movie tropes in this movie (family drama, small-town Christmas, etc) that will make your next holiday season even better! If you’re looking for a light holiday romance, I highly recommend this one!

The Perfect Find

I really liked this one but I was struck by the hefty age difference between our two main characters (I think it is like 20 years). Other than that, this movie is good! This is a different take on the classic romcom but Jenna is the most lovable main character and you’ll find yourself rooting for her in no time! I loved how this movie really highlighted Jenna’s career and (spoiler!) she doesn’t have to give it up in the end for her man either! It might not be everyone’s cup of tea but I do think there are many reasons to like it, including the sheer beauty of the shots and fun fashion choices!

The Last Summer

K.J. Apa fans unite! Plot summary: When Griffin and Phoebe share an adorable “last” summer before college, they soon realize how good of a fit they are amidst family and friend drama that seems endless. This is the perfect teen romance movie, not to mention, the chemistry between the two main actors is on point! It is not too sappy or boring, and the side characters will keep you entertained throughout all of the romance drama! It can feel like it drags on a little bit but ultimately, I think you’ll be satisfied!

Perfect Pairing

This one could be better but there’s nothing specifically bad about it, if anything, it just feels super formulated. Our main character, Lola, is sent to an Australian vineyard for her job and she slowly falls in love with dashing the farm hand, Max, whose secret will change everything (dun-dun-DUNNN)! Just kidding, there’s not that much suspense but the chemistry is good between our main characters and it is no surprise that they end up together! This movie definitely felt like a run-of-the-mill romcom to me but hey, that’s not necessarily a bad thing! Not at the top of my list but I wouldn’t turn anyone away from it!

The Holiday 

I honestly could barely get through this one. The cast is FIRE but the story just didn’t do it for me. The classic house swap/ fall-in-love combo is the crux of this movie but unfortunately, it was really hard for me to believe that the two pairs actually ended up falling for each other. Overall, it felt a little rushed to me and it didn’t even feel like a great holiday romance either! I would go as far as to tell you not to watch it :(

Love, Guaranteed

This one gets to the bottom of the list. I think my issue with this story started with the storyline and ended with the unbelievable romance. The story goes: Nick decides to sue a dating app company but he and his lawyer, Susan, end up in a sticky situation when their case begins to fall apart. Their love arc made zero sense to me and the main plot point about the dating app case almost barely fits into the story. Not even sure how this made it to Netflix but I watched this so you don’t have to! Skip!

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