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This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at U Mich chapter.

Although temperatures are still low, snow is still in the forecast, and fuzzy socks are still an option, spring is just around the corner. Living in the state of Michigan all my life has taught me the variability of weather, as well as the need to look forward to clearer skies and fewer layers in order to survive the end of winter. So, here are some things to keep in mind when considering what to do when Spring finally comes to the University of Michigan.

1. Pay The Arb A Visit

This is the place to go in Ann Arbor if you’re looking for some nature. Full name Nichols Arboretum and nicknamed “The Arb.” This beautiful area is located on the East side of Central Campus, along the Huron River. Spring is the perfect time to take a walk through the diverse landscape and take a second to escape city life. The full website for the Arb can be found here.

2. Hammock in the Diag

Walking through Central Campus during the warmer months, the diag hammocks are easily distinguishable. The variety of trees that cover the Diag offers great opportunities to relax in the warm weather or a new way to get some work done in the fresh air. If you don’t own a hammock, you can purchase one online for $20-$30. And if hammocking is not your style, bring a blanket, because a picnic on the Diag is just as fun.

3. Check out Pierpoint Commons

Many students forget that there is more than just Central Campus. The warmer weather is a perfect opportunity to explore further and take a trip to North Campus. North Campus is full of beautiful sights, another great place to have some one-on-one time with nature. There is a volleyball court, swing set, and art sculptures outside of Pierpoint Commons, as well as some food options inside.

4. Go to an Event Hosted by the School of Music, Theatre & Dance

There are plenty of events and shows being put on at the University of Michigan, too many of which go unnoticed. Spring is the perfect time to go to one of these shows with your friends, seeing what the University students have to offer. The schedule for the events is linked here.

Whether you do all or none of these activities, there are plenty more to choose from. Ann Arbor offers plenty of opportunities for campus life, which can be so much more enjoyable once there is no more snow on the ground. Happy almost-Spring!

Jamie Murray

U Mich '24

I'm a sophomore at the University of Michigan, my major is Political Science and I hope one day to go to law school. As an Aquarius, I hope to have some unique ideas and takes for Her Campus articles. And I'm excited to meet new friends along the way.