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Singing Along To “Freaky Friday”: A 3-Step Guide

We all remember the beloved movie Freaky Friday that was first released back in 2003. You know the one I’m talking about – Jamie Lee Curtis plays Tess, a single mom, and Lindsay Lohan is Anna, Tess’s rebellious daughter. Upon receiving strange fortunes at a Chinese restaurant, the mother daughter duo wakes up in each other’s bodies the next morning. Who could forget it?

Recently, rapper Lil Dicky introduced a blast from the past with his newest single, “Freaky Friday.” The song’s lyrics have many similar themes to the 2003 movie. Lil Dicky finds himself wishing he was taken more seriously while rapper Chris Brown wishes for some time out of the limelight. Cue some Freaky Friday magic.

At one point in the song, Lil Dicky, while running around in Chris Brown’s body, realizes that since he’s black he can say the n-word. And then proceeds to. A lot.

Seeing as this is a very catchy tune, I’m sure there will be plenty of people who will find themselves singing along to it, which could obviously be a bit problematic. Whether or not you support this song (cause hey, domestic abuse doesn’t exactly age well) here’s a helpful guide for those who might find themselves singing along to “Freaky Friday.”

1. Sing as you would.

2. When you get to the part with the n-word ask yourself, ‘am I black?’ This should be fairly easy to answer. If the answer is ‘no, I’m not black,’ then DON’T SAY THE N-WORD.

You might find yourself thinking, ‘but it disrupts the song to not sing that part!’

Don’t care. Don’t say it.


‘But it’s not really me saying it, it’s the song lyrics!’

It’s still coming out of your mouth. Don’t say it.

‘But everyone else at this awesome party is singing it!’

Sounds like everyone at that party is pretty damn ignorant. Don’t say it.

‘But my black friend says it and I’m their friend so can’t I say it??’

It’s not your word to use. Don’t say it.

‘But I really, really, want to!’


If you find that you’re having a difficult time with this oh-so-simple task here are some things you can do instead:

  • See how good your humming skills are.
  • Do your best whistle version of those lines.
  • Choreograph an interpretive dance.
  • Maybe do some Google searches to learn more about why you shouldn’t be saying that word.
  • Take 30 seconds to check your privilege.

3. Continue singing the song once the moment has passed.

Hopefully this guide was helpful! Fun tip: feel free to take these suggestions and apply them to any other songs that include the n-word. Share them with your friends! And remember: if you’re not black, don’t say the n-word!

Images Courtesy of: Giphy, Tenor, and HipHopDX


Alexa is a senior at the University of Michigan majoring in Art & Design. When she's not holed up in the studio Alexa loves baking and cooking, getting involved with her sorority, and a good Jersey bagel. Some of her passions include corny puns, cartoons, feminism, Frita Batidos, and an intense love for dogs. Check out Alexa's instagram @ alexacaruso178 and her art @ alexacarusoart
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