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Growing up I always watched rom-coms with my mom. Despite my distaste for them as a kid, I grew up to love rom-coms and it became something for my mom and I to do together. Because I watched so many growing up, I think I have built a list of must-watch Rom-Com movies to satisfy the hopeless romantic in you!

How to Lose a Guy in 10 Days

This is probably one of the most watched and quoted movies in my house. My whole family (including my dad) is obsessed and I was so happy with its recent TikTok resurgence. The premise of the movie is that Andie, a journalist, is writing about what a woman can do to lose a guy in 10 days–which she intends to do in real life. Meanwhile, Ben’s work friends challenge him to make a girl fall in love with him in 10 days. If he succeeds, they will let him head a jewelry advertising campaign that is typically out of his lane. When the two end up dating, a rollercoaster of emotions and events ensue as their opposing goals collide. It is hilarious as Andie and Ben attempt to outwit each other and Andie finds it harder and harder to annoy Ben into a breakup. The early 2000s fashion is amazing as Andie’s outfits are to die for. Also, Matthew McConaughey plays Ben who is insanely charming and HOT in the movie. I highly recommend watching it!

10 Things I Hate About You

This is maybe my personal favorite rom-com. It is about two sisters, Kat and Bianca. Kat is an alternative, outcast type and Bianca is the beloved, popular type. Their dad has a no dating rule in the house but Bianca is insistent on dating another popular boy at the school. Because Kat never intends to date, their father makes a new rule that Bianca can date when Kat dates. So, Cameron, a boy in love with Bianca, decides he will find someone to date Kat so that he can date Bianca. Both of the sister’s romantic storylines are super cute and Kat’s monologue at the end never fails to make me cry. The plot is extraordinary as there is never a dull moment with many main characters and different agendas. I will never get over Heath Ledger’s performance for Kat on the stairs, it is so iconic. This movie again involves great fashion by the cast as Kat’s style is what I wish my own style looked like (she is the ultimate “cool girl” and is all over my Pinterest boards). It is also the only movie on this list that is about high schoolers which makes it great for younger audiences. 

27 Dresses

“27 Dresses” is deeply sad but beautiful at the same time. It is about a woman, Jane, who is always the bridesmaid but never the bride. The twist is that she loves being the bridesmaid and has actually done it 27 times. But Jane finally hits a breaking point when her sister intends to marry her boss, whom Jane is actually in love with. Kevin, a journalist Jane meets at a wedding, starts to follow her around, much to Jane’s annoyance, to secretly write an article about her. As they start talking, he begins to see how Jane is always putting others’ needs in front of her own and he encourages her to stand up for herself. There is a great enemies-to-lovers plot with Jane and Kevin as he pushes his way into her life. There is also a lot of humor and James Marsden, who plays Kevin, is so endearing; it is a shame he has never done another Rom-Com. As to not spoil the ending, I will just say that it is beautiful and will bring you to tears, making it a must-watch!

The Proposal

This is such an underrated rom-com and I rarely hear anyone talk about it. Margaret (Sandra Bullock) is the head of a publishing company who finds out she will be deported back to Canada. She decides that her assistant, Andrew (Ryan Reynolds), will fake marry her so that she can stay the head of the company. In return, she promises to help him with his career. They take a trip to his hometown in Alaska, explore each other’s lives and, of course, fall in love. It is probably the funniest movie on this list because the actors are both great comedians and it is extremely hard to not love Ryan Reynolds after watching it. This is another movie that does enemies-to-lovers great; Margaret is not the best boss to Andrew, but we end up seeing her sweet and loving side by the end of the movie. It is also my mom’s personal favorite! 

Set it Up

I decided to add this one to my list because it is my favorite newer rom-com. The chemistry between Glen Powell (Charlie) and Zoey Deutch (Harper) is insane, and Pete Davidson’s cameo is great (I love him!). Charlie and Harper both work in the same office building, each as assistants to very needy bosses. They decide that their bosses would be less uptight if they were dating someone, so they set them up with each other. In the process, they get to know each other and realize maybe they belong together. It is really funny and I think the story is pretty unique to the rom-com scene, I have never watched another movie quite like it. I also think that it is extremely underrated because it is so new and we have been going through a Rom-Com drought. If you are looking for a modern and one-of-a-kind rom-com this is the one for you.

Overall, these are just some of my favorite Rom-Com movies, there are so many other great ones too. I hope I gave you a new one to love!

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