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Real Live College Guy: How Do You Feel About Tinder?

What do you think is the most romantic spot on campus and why?
It’s hard to say what the most romantic spot on campus is in general, because in my experience, romantic spots can hold different weight based on the individuals and the couples. I would say the trails that weave in and around the woods next to the Huron River close to the Argo Canoe docks would be the most romantic place since it’s usually really quiet; the trails are really something in the fall and it’s a nice little escape (and excellent running route). Usually romantic spots are secluded from the main areas of campus, and can hold significance based on what people have done there. The only other obvious example of a romantic spot on campus would be the arboretum. It has great open areas or more secluded trails depending on what you want to do. It’s a great space to just go for a walk and get to know someone. It’s removed enough that you shouldn’t be randomly interrupted by friends, and like the Huron, it’s a small escape from the rest of campus. 
Do guys really care what a girl eats on a first date? A second date? Etc.
In general, no. Depending on where you eat on the first date, there’s not really anything that would stick out to me as being especially weird. If for some reason your date takes you to Chop House and you order the largest steak there (first of all, props) that might raise a little suspicion as it probably costs somewhere in the range of $100-$1,000. You should eat whatever you want. Food is food and I would say eat whatever you feel comfortable with. The last thing you want on a date is to be preoccupied with worrying that you’re so hungry from not eating much that you miss out on the date. The most important part about the date is that you have fun and you enjoy the company of your date, so eat whatever you damn well please…just make sure you don’t take too big of a bite and try to talk, that look would be hard to pull off. 
How do you feel about dating apps like Tinder and Bumble?
I have yet to find a guy that will openly admit that he’s trying to find a date or look for a real relationship using Tinder or Bumble, but I’m absolutely sure that those people are out there. Most of the time, these apps are a fun distraction from looking for a real relationship and are just there for the entertainment of everyone involved. There is a very real and obvious difference between the experiences girls have and the experiences that guys have on these apps. Some girls are going to be upset with me for saying this, but I think girls use these apps as a way to have fun, but also as an ego boost. Yes, the ratio of guys to girls on these sites is very off, as the users are predominantly male. Having actually messed with a girl friend of mine’s Tinder account once, I swiped right about 200 times and got about 199 matches. The average guy swiping 200 times right will probably return 10-20 if he’s lucky. At this point, some girl is probably offended that I said she uses Tinder as an ego boost, but let me ask you this: if you find that many guys are matching with you and sending you creepy, and not the slightest bit flattering, messages then why do you still have the app? I’m not saying every girl using Tinder or Bumble wants an ego boost, and there’s nothing wrong with using it to have fun. But in general, people don’t find their soulmate by swiping right; however, there’s always that one exception to the rule.

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