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Rachel Sylora, 2015

Rachel Sylora, a junior on campus, has begun to establish her career in media. A media whiz, Rachel is the U of M campus representative for CBS and is using her communication skills to bring CBS’s innovations to her fellow peers.


Her Campus: Tell us about your position with CBS.

Rachel Sylora: I am the University of Michigan campus representative for CBS. I work with the marketing coordinator for CBS, who sends me assignments and promotions that they want to do on campus. For example, right now we’re doing a promotion for the NCAA March Madness tournament. My job is to get as many people as possible to enter. They give me an allotment of money to use to promote my event, and I organize screenings, sweepstakes, etc.


HC: How did you land this major position?

RS: My boss, Alex, reached out to me in August. I’m actually not sure as to how he got my information. He e-mailed me at the beginning of the year and asked if I wanted to be the rep at Michigan and I said yes! It was pretty cool.


HC: What is your favorite part about your position?

RS: It’s a very flexible job, and I get to implement my own ideas which is really cool. I have complete control over how I want to execute an assignment. I’m also pretty busy, so it’s nice to have a job that I can work into my schedule easily. It’s very flexible and there’s no hourly commitment.


HC: What was your favorite project?

RS:  I got to put on a screening for CBS’s new show We Are Men. They sent me money and a bunch of promotion tools to put on a screening. I got to give out a lot of free stuff and it was really cool to see the uncut pilot of the show. I loved getting to see what the show was going to be like before it was on air and share that with people on campus.


HC: Why should people get involved with positions like this?

RS: I think it’s really great in terms of the skills that you need for the real world. You learn a lot about yourself and the company. I want to work in media, so working with CBS has been very beneficial because I’m learning a lot about the company and how it works. 

My name is Jenn. I'm a student at the University of Michigan and I'm double majoring in Communications and Psychology.
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