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The Products That Saved My Skin

Teenage acne is supposed to stay in high school right?  Wrong. We’re constantly stressed, sleep-deprived, and overwhelmed, and our skin reflects all of these lovely features of college.  We clearly have enough on our minds, and the anxiety of a breakout should not be part of that. As someone who has dealt with temperamental skin since middle school, I have tried countless prescription and over-the-counter skincare products, and here are the ones that truly saved both my skin and my self confidence.  

1. Thayer’s Alcohol-Free Rose Petal Toner

If you use this toner every night after you wash your face, I can almost guarantee that your skin will improve overall.  After I started using it ritually, my skin’s redness reduced dramatically, due to the witch hazel in the formula, and I get significantly less pimples.  Since it is alcohol-free, it won’t dry your face out, and the subtle rose petal scent leaves you feeling fresh.

2. Ren’s Evercalm Global Protection Day Cream

While this moisturizer is pricey, it really is worth the splurge.  Even though I have relatively oily skin, it tends to peel, especially when exposed to the Michigan cold.  This moisturizer actually hydrates my skin significantly better than any drug store product. Additionally, Ren prides itself on creating skincare products that are free of parabens, sulfates, mineral oils or petroleum, and synthetic colors or fragrances, meaning that you can be confident that you are using a pure and safe product on your skin.  

3.  Boscia’s Charcoal Deep-Pore Exfoliating Peel Gel with Volcanic Sand

Although often overlooked, a good exfoliator is key to having radiant skin.  I have found that many exfoliators are too harsh on my skin, but this charcoal exfoliator is the perfect combination of powerful and gentle.  I use this about twice a week to remove my dead skin and keep my skin looking vibrant, since the formula works to remove impurities from pores and reduce redness.  In general, after you use any exfoliator, it is important that you moisturize your face to prevent dryness and irritation.

4.  COSRX’s Acne Pimple Master Patch

This product is honestly magic.  Anytime you feel a pimple developing, you just put one of these stickers on the area, and, upon removal the next morning, your zit is nearly gone.  I’m serious when I say that you can have a mountainous pimple on your face and it will be completely flat after a nights sleep with one of the stickers.  Pure magic.  Although it does not significantly reduce redness, it absorbs all of the gunk from the pimple and allows you to easily cover up your blemish with concealer without looking like a bumpy road.


I hope that you find just as much success with these products as I have.  These skincare products have #blessed me with consistently clear skin for the first time since middle school, and I am genuinely thankful for the heightened self-confidence that my clear, radiant skin has given me.


Images Courtesy of: thayers.com, buzzfeed.com, dermstore.com, yahoo.com, beautyandseoul.co.uk, beautygasm.globox.in

I'm Melanie Stamelman, a junior at the University of Michigan. I am the Campus Correspondent of UMich's chapter of Her Campus and am incredibly passionate about lifestyle journalism.  I follow the news and lifestyle trends, and am a self-proclaimed Whole Foods, spin obsessed wacko.  Thanks for reading xoxo.
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