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Occupy Wall Street: Obama’s Distraction

If you have at all followed the news throughout the past several weeks you probably noticed the unrest involved in the Occupy Wall Street “movement” throughout the country. Protestors discontented with the American financial situation and economic inequality that is allegedly derived from unfair circumstances have affected major cities.

“We are the 99%” rings loudly throughout city streets in reference to the massive majority that feels as though they have been personally wronged by the success of the extreme upper echelon of the American economic sphere.  The 1% reflects the professed concentration of wealth in the United States and its apparent moral corruption, according to participants.

Although it is the right of the people to assemble and voice their concerns no matter the issue, there are plenty of aspects to critique within the Occupy Wall Street movement and I must question its effectiveness. There is a distinct lack of organization and decided goals amongst the protestors. Interestingly enough, this lack of organization is something that the participants champion about their movement. I hear over and over again from those who have passed through New York City that the throngs of people is no more than a glorified hippie campout, a social trend, and something of a fashion statement fueled by the wrongful vilification of Wall Street by Obama and genuine economic panic.

I am disappointed that members of my own generation insist upon identifying with a movement that not only lacks coordination but furthermore am personally offended by the misguided anger that many are all too quick to position at the wrong leading entity of the American economy. Rather, the frustration that this “99%” exhibit should be directed at the politicians who can implement real changes rather than those who stimulate our broken economy through a capitalist initiative that embodies the American way of life. The movement is so misguided that it is impossible to determine what these people should be occupying. Obama’s tacit compliance with the movement is divisive and unproductive, a reflection of his lack of economic execution and a distraction from his failed accomplishments. It is Obama’s attempt to continue destructive class warfare with the intention of bolstering support for the upcoming election from this “99%.”

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