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Make Time for Those in Your Life

One thing I often hear, and I’m sure you do as well, is “let’s make plans” or “we have to get together sometime soon”. However, some of us are guilty of not making those plans or forgetting to text that person to confirm plans. Maybe it’s because I had an eye opener this summer when my aunt passed away unexpectedly, but I’m advising you all to make those plans. Text that person, call that person, or drop by for a visit when you’re home from school.

If school and life has taught me anything, it’s to set the school work aside just for a minute, and spend time with those in my life that mean something. Last year, when I went home for the weekends, I would often try to visit family members. However, I never fully attempted to visit everyone that I should have visited. I kept telling myself, “next time”, or “you’ll see them at the next family event”. What I didn’t realize was that time would eventually catch up to me, and life events would happen, and the time I thought I had would be gone.

If I’ve learned anything from losing my aunt and even my own struggles of feeling unwanted and unimportant to those who put off seeing me, it’s to make the time. Life is too short, things unexpectedly happen, and it’s important to put those you love first. Don’t wait. Make the time to see those who care about you, even if your life is hectic. You’re never going to gain the time back you wasted not seeing them.

Images courtesy of: Cheyenne Travioli 

History of Art major with a double minor in Museum Studies and Native American Studies. Looking forward to my senior year at UM and staying involved in all of my organizations.
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