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Maddy Walsh: President of the Panhellenic Association

Name: Maddy Walsh

Year: Senior

Hometown: Ann Arbor, Michigan

Major: Business

Fun Fact: She’s lived in Hong Kong and Sydney, Australia


Her Campus: What organizations are you involved with on campus?

Maddy Walsh: I got involved in Greek Life my first semester at Michigan. I served as president of my chapter, and I am now the president of the Panhellenic Association. Previously, I have been a Central Student Government Representative and worked on the Student Safety and Security Commission. I love Dance Marathon and am currently a Recruitment Coordinator after spending a year as a Corporate Foundation Relations Coordinator.


HC: What are some of your responsibilities as president of the Panhellenic Association?

MW: Generally speaking, my role as president is to oversee the large-scale, big-picture initiatives, and overall direction of the Panhellenic board. I maintain weekly contact with each of the chapter presidents, and I act as an advocate for our community with the University administration.


HC: What are some of the projects, events, and initiatives that the Panhellenic Association oversees?

MW: Some of the areas that we’re responsible for include formal recruitment, the greek judicial process, and greek-wide programming. We also work hard to promote collaboration and community amongst the respective chapters on campus, a safer campus atmosphere and strong academic responsibility. We do this through various initiatives like “Week of the Scholar,” sober sister training, and sister sororities, just to name a few.


HC: What is the most rewarding part of your position?

MW: I really enjoy that my position allows me to address campus-wide issues that also affect the greek community, as opposed to day-to-day operational tasks. My hope is that I’ll come back to Michigan, perhaps five years after I graduate, and see an initiative seamlessly implemented on campus for which my board helped lay the groundwork. The possibility of the long-term impact that our board works to create on campus is exciting and motivating. I think about the new members that each sorority is about to welcome into their chapters, and I am dedicated to ensuring that they have the opportunity to enjoy their Greek experience as much as I have.


HC: What is the most challenging part of your position?

MW: Sometimes I worry that as the designated representative of the Panhellenic Association, I fail to encompass every member’s experience in what I advocate for. I can pull from my own experiences when speaking with university administrators, but I’m cognizant that I am just one individual in Greek life and many have not had the same experience as myself. It is so difficult to truly represent every member – there are nearly 4,000 women in the Panhellenic Association. I am constantly challenged to more effectively integrate the diverse experiences had by each member across Greek life.


HC: What’s your ideal day in Ann Arbor?

MW: I grew up in Ann Arbor, so my ideal day wouldn’t necessarily be sightseeing. For some reason I love the steps of Angell Hall, so I would probably spend some time sitting on the steps with people I really care about. My ideal day also has a football game, and maybe dinner at the Jolly Pumpkin – this is getting busy. At the base of it, I would want to see friends from all different areas of campus… my position as president can, at times, make me feel like I spend my life in the Office of Greek Life, so my ideal day would be the opportunity to say yes to all the personal obligations that I try so hard to make time for.


HC: What advice do you have for people who want to take on leadership within Greek Life or on campus as a whole?

MW: Find something that you’re truly passionate about and really think about what you can offer to an organization. Determine how your skills can benefit your community and find that position. And if you don’t have the skill set you want, take a position that can help you develop them. The older members of your organization are awesome resources for guidance and support, they believe in you and want to see you succeed.

Britt is a senior at the University of Michigan studying German and African Studies. She speaks English, German, Swahili and French, and is passionate about intercultural relations, travel, literacy and women's rights. Between her studies, involvement in her sorority Alpha Delta Pi, event planning for various clubs, and philanthropic endeavors within Dance Marathon and Camp Kesem, Britt is often busy and loves to unwind with a good book and cup of hot tea. She has a strong addiction to Instagram, loves eating avocados, and adores her two younger brothers.
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