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Jonni Mills: Chapter President of Zeta Tau Alpha

Her Campus recently had the opportunity to interview Jonni Mills, a sophomore in the Ross BBA program with a potential minor in Arabic. Jonni is also the chapter president of Zeta Tau Alpha here at the University of Michigan.

Her Campus: What are your responsibilities and roles as President of Zeta? How has it challenged and benefited you so far?

Jonni Mills: As chapter president, I have to effectively execute plans, which requires a lot of delegation and checking in with people. My main goal is to make being a Zeta at Michigan a great experience for all members, so I do my best to speak to the chapter and make sure all of their wants are reflected in our plans. I view my position as a great opportunity to positively impact 200+ women on this campus, which is what drives me to do my best every day! I have learned so much already— most of which I will apply to positions I might hold in the business world. The greatest challenge would be ensuring that our executive council’s plans are within the scope of our abilities because we are go-getters to the greatest extreme. The greatest benefit would be all the ‘small wins’ we have had implementing plans that make our members’ Michigan experience even better!


HC: Why did you decide to join Greek Life? What has your experience been like?

JM: I wasn’t dead set on joining a sorority before I came to Michigan. I have always been an incredibly independent, driven, and involved member of my community and I didn’t initially see Greek Life as the means to continue down that path, but I gave it a shot. I am so glad I did! My sisters push me to be a better version of myself— supporting me through the good and bad— and pushing me to take the world head on. I have met some wonderful people I most likely would have never encountered otherwise and am a true believer that the bonds that Greek Life creates are special.


HC: What else are you involved in on campus?

JM: I am a volunteer coordinator for Detroit Partnership and tutor kids with my team on the East Side of Detroit every Friday! I am involved with entrepreneurship on campus through the Zell Lurie Institute and have competed in Michigan Business Challenge and have also received a grant from Dare to Dream for my team’s business, Wear and Share.


HC: Finally, what advice do you have for anyone considering rushing a sorority?

JM: Before you rush, really think about what you want out of Greek Life and the values that you hold. If you reflect on these it will make it easier for you to understand the entire process and help you find your best fit! It shouldn’t make you nervous— just strive to be truly and authentically you and you will find a home!


Photo Courtesy of Central Student Government University of Michigan and Jonni Mills.

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