Interviewing Kelsy Karter: The Magic Behind the Modern Queen of Rock n Roll 

This summer, I was fortunate enough to intern at an independent music management/label in LA called Th3rd Brain—an opportunity which lead me directly into the warm embrace of music’s next big name: Kelsy Karter. 


Kelsy Karter is a fiery combination of raw talent, relentless determination and craftiness all packed into one charming, New Zealand born and Australian-raised 5’2 human. In addition to her captivating vocals and clever lyrics, Kelsy manages to bring an unparalleled level of personality and creativity into every aspect of her being. She leaves no leaf unturned and no problem unsolved, as she is the artistic mastermind behind her lyrics, videos, style, behind-the-scenes documentaries, and (future) movies. To say that Kelsy “does it all” would be an understatement. Not only does she do all of those things herself, but she does them all with a smile on her face because she is driven by such intense passion for what she creates. Kelsy Karter has the entrepreneurial spirit and dedication to attain insurmountable levels of success and there is no question that she will achieve all that she sets out to accomplish. 


I would summarize Kelsy by saying that she is the most badass, hard-working woman on this planet, but I don’t really need to say it because her work ethic and talent speaks for itself. I’ve had the pleasure of learning all about Kelsy’s charismatic nature firsthand, so my job now is to make sure that the world knows it, too. 


This interview barely scratches the surface of the true Kelsy Karter. That’s partly because I used this bootleg audio recording app that only lets me have 20 free minutes of recording… Kels knows all about ballin’ on a budget so I’d like to think I saved that $3.99 in honor of her (lololol).  


So, for the poor souls who don’t yet know my girl Kelsy, let’s get this interview crackin’:  


HC: When did you start singing?


KK: I started singing when I was just a wee bug at the age of about 6 years old. I started singing in the theater, but I never thought I’d be a singer because I initially wanted to act. 


HC: Is there a theme to your music or a muse or a time that you find yourself writing about more often than not?


KK: Boys… boys take up most of my songs. As for time, I’m so inspired by 60’s and 70’s rock and roll and the music from those eras. So, love and boys and girls and sex and rebellion! 


HC: How’d you find your home at Th3rd Brain?


KK: I put a song out called Out of Drugs and it went on Hype Machine, Th3rd Brain saw it and hit me up and… the rest is history. 


HC: What’s something that people don’t know about that you’d like them to know?


KK: Funny or deep? Well, I’m really good at poker but on some real s***, I’ve been heartbroken twice.  


HC: What motivates you every morning?


KK:MY FANNNNNNSSSSSSS! I wake up to 50 messages and it amps me up, you know? 


HC: What do you enjoy the most about your position as a public figure?


KK: Well, the more fans that I get, the more I realize that just being rich and famous isn’t why I do this, it’s so I can affect change and have an effect on society and societies to come. People are scared to stand up for what they believe in, and I’m not. I think that I have a responsibility to use my rebelliousness in a good way, and social media and my fan base allow me to do that. And I got a nice face so… that helps. 


HC: How would you characterize yourself? 


KK: I am bold, emotional, young at heart but an old soul, nomadic spirit, I’m intense in a good way and in a bad way… I’m hardworking and I’m a problem solver. THERE’S NO PROBLEM I CAN’T FIX!


HC: Where do you hope to see yourself in 5 years?  


KK: I hate this question…. But I want to be on tour with Harry Styles, making my own films, living rock n roll, bringing rock n roll back. But, I’ll be doing that next week too, soooo! 


HC: Last week you were featured on Triple J. How did you react to that?


KK: I was drunk at the time and I cried. I got a call from a friend “Kels, you were just on the radio” and I cried! 


HC: You have a solid fan base right now and you’re blowing up with Instagram fan pages. How will you continue to build your fanbase as you start gaining more recognition? 


KK: I want to listen to them, release by release, to hear what they want from me and how I can fulfill that for them while still being true to me. I think I’m doing something right because kids seem to be taking to the rock n roll style that I’m trying to bring back. I just gotta keep being me and toughen these kids up! Everyone is so sad and depressed, like come on guys! Lemme tell you something about life, it’s a wonderful place to be if you can get there. 


It’s a shame you couldn’t hear her responses through her delightful Australian accent, but luckily her Instagramis FULL of her behind-the-scenes videos, new music, and daily shoe choice. The quickest way to fall in love with Kelsy is to just listen to her newest single: “God Knows I’ve Tried.” Within the first 10 seconds, you’ll understand :) 


Get on the rocket ship while you can. You won’t regret it. 


Photo Credits: Kelley Farlow and Clare Duckworth