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Hallo-Week Inspiration on Campus

Let’s face it, brainstorming for HalloWEEK costumes can sometimes be harder than some of our actual school work. You don’t want to repeat what you did last year, but for some reason those are the only costumes you can think of. I realized trying to think of a costume to wear isn’t that hard when you just draw inspiration from the things around you. Unfortunately, I thought of this a little too late (I already ordered costumes), but for those of you who haven’t, here’s a list of places or groups on campus that you can use to think of a costume:

  • The Diag:

Whether it’s a club’s event, avid Michigan fans, or just squirrels passing, you’re bound to find something happening on the diag. Dress like whichever speaks to you most. Be creative.                                          

  • Ross: Feel free to dress like one of your favorite people on campus, a Rosshole.


  • Pizza House: Let’s be real. This is everyone’s late night spot. Pick your favorite item on the menu, and if you can also be a waitress!


  • Angell Hall: Be an Angel, simple as that.


  • Greek Life: You can be a Greek goddess, or wear a sorority or fraternity’s Greek letters or name! You can even dress up the sorority costume by picking your own bid day theme.



  • Intramural Sports Building (IMSB): Among other things, people work out and play a variety of sports at the IM. This provides a platform to dress up as a sports player or athlete, a referee, a body builder, and so much more!


  • University of Michigan Museum of Art (UMMA): The UMMA has many different exhibits and artwork. One could dress up using a painting as inspiration, and paint cool face paint on, or just be an artist. 
  • University Health Services (UHS): Drawing inspiration allows us to dress up as, among other things, a nurse, doctor, patient, or receptionist.


  • Modern Languages Building (MLB): You can be a professor, but if you think outside of the box, you can also dress up as an MLB player. 



  • School of Education: Since there are so many topics in education, you can dress up as anyone who practices one of your favorite subjects. For example, if you like chemistry, you can dress up as a chemist. You can also dress up as a teacher or a student!


All in all, Halloween costumes are all around us. Since one can dress up as anything for Halloween, if you just observe your surroundings, you will eventually be able to utilize what happens around you and turn it into a fun Halloween costume!      


Images Courtesy of: Google Images

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