Guide to a Weekend Getaway

Even though the University of Michigan’s campus is so large, at times it can feel like we are caught in a monotonous route or trapped within the confines of Ann Arbor. Especially for those of us who grew up in large cities or are travel-lovers, getting out of AA and exploring can give us a boost of energy and reset our brains for another week of work hard, play hard. Whether you are venturing just a drive away to Detroit, a train to Chicago, or a flight to New York, here are some tips to make the most of your weekend getaway:


1. Ask the natives!

The University of Michigan has students hailing from all parts of the country and many different areas of the world. Odds are that you know at least one person who is from the area you are travelling to. Some things to ask the locals about are where to eat, shop, and some inexpensive or free activities that most tourists might not know about.

2. Don’t be afraid to get lost

Part of the fun of exploring a new city is seeing it from all different areas and perspectives. Utilize public transportation because this can be one of the best ways to get a feel for how people who live in this city spend their days. If you miss your stop or go a few minutes in the wrong direction, look at this as an opportunity to explore an area you might never have gotten to see otherwise.


3. Forget the diet

Spring break is over anyway! One of the best ways to learn about a city and its culture is to explore the food scene. If you’re headed to Chicago, make sure to stop by Stan’s Doughnuts for breakfast. If you will be in New York, Jack’s Wife Freda is a must try for brunch.

4. Be well caffeinated

With just a short weekend getaway you have to make sure to fit in as much activity as possible to make the trip worth your while. It can be exhausting to be walking around instead of sitting at a desk for so many hours throughout the day, and there is no time for napping when there is so much exploring to do.


5. Come prepared

Having learned the hard way once or twice makes it easy to be prepared for almost any situation you might encounter during a weekend getaway. Some essentials are band aids in case of blisters from too much walking, advil, water bottles, and granola bars or other small snacks.  


Photos courtesy of Rachel Eisner.