Going Out As Described by the Princess Diaries

After looking like a hobo all day, you shower, put on makeup, blow-dry your hair, and actually look like a person — maybe even a semi-attractive one.

When you try to find an outfit that makes you look hot, but not like you're trying too hard... so you end up being 5 hours late.

When you get to the party and see girls who are so attractive it’s actually painful. 

When you see a super hot guy and you try to flirt, but you are unfathomably awkward. 

When you walk confidently into the middle of the dance floor and show off your moves. 

When those drinks start to kick in and you are really feeling yourself. 

When you catch yourself in the mirror and you're like, “Damn, who is that sexy thing?”

When you see that one couple who’s all over each other. 

When you try to get your tight clothes off at the end of the night.

Finally sliding into bed like…

Images courtesy of giphy and theyoungfolks.com.