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Finding Fashion on Amazon Prime

If you’ve ever seen me walking down the street in real life, you might do a double-take and wonder: Who is that? Is that an off-duty Drew Barrymore? What’s she doing in Ann Arbor?


I kid. If only.


But I do often joke (but like not really joke) that my goal aesthetic is that of an off-duty celebrity. You know — wavy, highlight-y hair, big sunglasses, some kind of effortless kimono top or swing dress/denim vest combo, comfortable but definitely fashionable shoes, practical-chic handbag, etc. When the snow isn’t up to my ankles (thanks Ann Arbor xoxo), that’s generally how you’ll see me dressed. The ultimate goal is to become a fashion icon somewhere down the line.


In all seriousness, fashion is actually pretty important to me. It’s the most accessible form of self-expression, and since I am not in the art school, yet still fancy myself an artist (we can talk about that another time), I often find myself using fashion as a way to express and explore my personal tastes.


Enter Amazon Prime. I am an avid Prime user (I have been known to purchase 12-packs of my favorite protein bars, gym socks, assorted electronics, Halloween costumes, etc.) and when I realized I could not only use Prime to get 2-day shipping on the brands I already love, but could explore a whole new realm of amazing (though potentially dubious) fashion finds, I was all over it. And the rest is history. Fashion, like life, is nothing if not a risk. Here are my best fashion finds scoured from the depths of Amazon.


This dress from Alexander + David: This dress is such a staple of my wardrobe that it’s honestly not even a joke. It’s versatile, comfortable, chic, and super-soft. Did I mention it’s $17? I wear it out but also to class when it’s nice out and I’m not sorry. You need this in your life.



Skater beanies: Warm enough for fall and spring, for sure. Would I recommend this when the temperature drops to -10? Probably not, but you could wear it anyway. Also truly the best accessory for a horrible hair day because it also lends a last-attempt element of coolness to whatever hungover outfit you’re unsuccessfully attempting to rock. This is definitely an item I’m happy I own.



This criss-cross bralette: Every girl needs one of these. Don’t argue.



This high-waisted bikini bottom: I got the one with the ladder straps on the sides, and aside from the awkward tan lines I got, it was a winner. The bottom also came with a weird super-padded bra top that I promptly gave away, but the whole thing was pretty cheap so I didn’t care.



This Cosabella lacy bralette: This beautiful thing comes in literally every color you could dream of, and only some of them are full-price (obv I didn’t buy one of the full price ones). I have the olive green one and I wear it all the time and it looks soooo cute peeking out from the back of a dress it’s not even funny.



There are obviously so many more dope finds just waiting to be discovered within the depths of Amazon. Remember to always look at product reviews, note things like Prime shipping options, and read the fine print, so to speak — with great power comes great responsibility. Happy shopping, y’all!



Images courtesy of Amazon.

Alex Weiner is a senior at the University of Michigan who loves typography, social media, dogs, and strong coffee. She divides her time (and love) between Miami, FL, where she was born and raised, and Ann Arbor, MI, where she is currently pretending that the cold doesn't bother her at all.
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