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Looking for the perfect pre-Halloween scare? Then look no further than Stephen King’s classic remake of IT, by director Andrés Muschietti.

It’s been 27 years since the original made-for-television movie was released, just as every 27 years, Pennywise the clown is released to wreak havoc on the tiny Maine town. The remake does an impeccable job of thoroughly frightening the audience without losing touch of the heart of the story itself.

The film does an effective job of mixing horror with humor throughout. The child actors provide a light-hearted feel to the film, intermixed with Skarsgard’s terrifying antics in his role as Pennywise. Furthermore, the film incorporates psychologically thrilling aspects into the plot, as Pennywise is able to transform himself into each child’s own personal form of fear. Yet the tight-knit bond and loving friendship between the children keeps a positive light surrounding the chilling tale.

Overall, the film does an impeccable job at petrifying its audience while forming emotional connections with young characters. We can only imagine how impressive the sequel will be as the children return home as adults… 27 years later. We give this film five stars! 

Images courtesy of: Digital Spy 

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