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Fall has always been my favorite season, and it’s not just because my birthday is in October. I have always loved the beautiful colors of the trees and the first chilly day after a hot summer. I think another part of it is the weird feeling of nostalgia I experience, which is bittersweet but causes me to self-reflect every year. 

I have talked to my friends about it, and they say they also feel this sense of nostalgia in the fall. Why do we experience it exactly? Here is what I am I am thinking:

First of all, it is a transition period. The new school year begins in the fall, and we learn how to adapt to the craziness of new classes and other responsibilities. We say goodbye to the past school year and the summer, as well as the versions of ourselves during those times, which come with memories. I think that in a way, fall feels more like the new year than New Year’s. We make resolutions to stay organized, get better grades, or join more clubs. It is a chance to restart. Although this may be scary, fall leaves show us exactly how beautiful it can be to let go. 

Another factor may be the holidays, which are typically spent with loved ones. Holidays are another marker of memories and are the easiest way to recall them. When I am talking to my friends or family, I can say: “Oh yeah remember last Halloween/Thanksgiving/Christmas when…” The holidays are about being together, and it may be nostalgic if a lot has changed since the last ones. It is also harder growing up, when memories as a child may feel even more nostalgic if the holidays were painted through rose-colored lenses. 

Music is especially nostalgic for me. I create the best playlists in the fall because I experience so many emotions during this time. When I go back and listen to the songs I was obsessed with from the same time last year, I remember who I was and who I have become since then. I remember why I loved those songs. I remember the emotions I felt when listening to them. I remember who the songs were about. For me, music is directly linked to nostalgia. 

Finally, the leaves themselves are sentimental. Obviously, the trees change colors every fall, but I am still blown away by them every year. I am reminded of more memories, like catching leaves with my dad or jumping into leaf piles. They are what makes fall so special, and when the trees are finally bare, we don’t see the leaves again for a while. 

As I said, the season is bittersweet, but it is and will continue to be my favorite season.

Grace Layman

U Mich '25

Grace is a sophomore at the University of Michigan studying Psychology in LSA. She enjoys dancing, thrifting, reading, and hanging out with her cats.