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Everything You Need to Know to Thrive During This Upcoming Mercury Retrograde

The opinions expressed in this article are the writer’s own and do not reflect the views of Her Campus.
This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at U Mich chapter.

Exes coming back, technology failing, unavoidable miscommunications—all of these are signs of Mercury retrograde, a roughly three-week period that happens three or four times each year, where the planet Mercury appears to be orbiting backwards from our view on Earth. In astrology, this kind of retrograde allows us to gather insight from situations previously not aligned with our highest good. With that being said, if it seems like your life is falling apart under Mercury retrograde, it’s probably for the best. No need to worry though, through this guide, you’ll learn how to take on Mercury retrograde and come out on the other side even better than you started.

Ironically beginning on April 1st this year, is the opening Mercury retrograde of 2024. Brace yourself for the potential of people misconstruing your words, travel plans being delayed, social media platforms glitching, and yes, even toxic relationships from the past making a return. This chaos will last until April 25th, and linger into the following two weeks, during what astrologers call a “shadow period.” If you’ve felt funky the two weeks leading up to this retrograde too, that’s totally expected, since shadow periods always come before the initial backwards illusion of Mercury as well.

Now, how can you prepare accordingly (given the disorderly reputation this astrological event has)? My advice would be to first, recognize that Mercury retrograde grants you the opportunity to confront stagnant cycles of your life, visualize a different perspective (just think, the planet seemingly going backwards is a shift in perception itself), and move into a space of higher vibrations.

Secondly, I would advise you not to panic. Sure, having communicational and technological difficulties can be frustrating, but take a deep breath, have some patience, and approach any challenges that arise with grace. Mercury is simply testing you, don’t give it the power to overtake you. And who knows? Maybe catching every red light while running late on your way to work saved you from harm. Or, perhaps a falling out with someone close to you simultaneously protected you from negative energy and opened the doors to people you align with better.

A third piece of guidance would be to avoid taking action or making big decisions at this time. This is because not only will Mercury in retrograde raise the likelihood of plans going south, but it is meant to be a point of evaluation and reflection. However, putting a halt on life is often challenging in a world that never stops turning. So, if you must commit to something new, be certain that you read through everything with extreme thoroughness and take as much time as you need to decipher whether the specific change seems like a good idea for you or not.

You also may be wondering what astrological signs this Mercury retrograde will affect the most. An additional emphasis will be placed on the cardinal signs: Aries, Cancer, Libra, and Capricorn. The reasoning for this is that the retrograde happening from April 1st through the 25th, will occur in the sign of Aries, making those with major placements in Aries more susceptible to the intense energy. Since Aries is a cardinal sign, the other signs most impacted will be Cancer, Libra, and Capricorn placements, as stated above. As for the rest of the signs, consider yourselves lucky—but keep in mind that you’re not entirely safe from Mercury’s scheme… The good news is that we are in it together, though.

No matter your feelings towards it, Mercury retrograde is here to stay. It’ll keep coming back each year, which means we are better off embracing it rather than fearing it. Take these occasions as a chance to refigure your life and produce an outcome that’s more fitted to you. Overall, good luck and happy retrograde!

Undergraduate student at the University of Michigan majoring in Communication & Media and minoring in Dance | Her Campus writer, dancer of 12 years, lifelong Swiftie, and cat-lover