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Now that the weather is getting warmer (at least a little more consistently, thanks Michigan), it’s time to look into what to wear this spring season! This spring is dominated by cowboy and preppy trends, which is an interesting combination, but nothing we can’t work with! Here are some spring essentials to wear this season, some related to the trends, some not. 

Vest from Aritzia (or H&M!)

Babaton DENIRO VEST | Aritzia US

Vests are so fun, and can be worn whether you’re going on a casual trip to the mall or a dressy event; all that matters is how you dress it up or down. Personally, I like to wear them with jeans or jean shorts and sneakers if I’m in a casual setting, and with matching dress pants if it’s a dressier occasion. If the prices at Aritzia are making your wallet scream in terror, there are many vests at H&M that look great as well. 

Loafers from Steve Madden


These fuzzy loafers from Steve Madden are everything. Wearing them with a pair of quarter socks or crew socks would go full-send into this spring’s preppy trend. You can even wear these with a pair of sweatpants because the dressy loafer paired with casual sweatpants is a super cute contrast to wear in casual settings.

Dress Shirt from H&M

Oxford Shirt – White – Ladies | H&M US 

Dress shirts are incredibly versatile; you can wear them with a pair of jeans, layered under a vest, oversized as a dress with a belt or as a coverup at the pool, and so much more. I’ve also seen people wear a longer dress shirt and layer a skirt over it so the shirt peeks out from underneath, which has been my dream outfit idea since I saw it on Pinterest this winter.

Graphic Polo Shirts From Urban Outfitters

UO Graphic Polo Tee & 08 Layered Polo Shirt

Polo shirts are very much in right now, and to make it even better, there are graphic polo shirts at Urban Outfitters! I’m slightly more partial to the white one, but I think that both of these are very cute.

Jean Vest from Altar’d State

Tillie Denim Halter Vest

We have another vest here, but this one is a jean vest! I have one at home – not this brand, but I love the halter neckline of this one. To go fully into the cowboy trend, you could wear denim on denim by wearing this and a pair of jeans. Many people aren’t into the denim on denim look, perhaps because it’s very bold, but that’s what makes it so fun.

Silver Cowboy Boots from Altar’d State

Dixie Western Boots By Matisse

I love a good pair of cowboy boots, and what better pair of cowboy boots are there than a pair of silver ones? They’re perfect for going out with friends, concerts, dinner parties, – literally almost any event, you name it. All that matters is how you style your clothes, and they’ll fit almost any event!

Moto Jackets from Urban Outfitters

UO Jordan Faux Leather Fitted Racer Moto Jacket

There’s sometimes a chill in the spring, we’re in Michigan after all, so here’s a fantastic leather jacket that everyone has been dying for since they came out last fall. I have the blue one, which is most likely sold out by now, but the white and red ones are really cool as well. The nice thing about leather jackets is that they keep you warm, they’re not too heavy, and you’ll look super cool and edgy while wearing them.

Track Pants from Urban Outfitters

BDG Jess Nylon Track Pant

I was scrolling through Urban Outfitters’ website and came across these pants, immediately falling in love. I have so many outfits with track pants pinned on Pinterest, and now that I’ve found the perfect pair, I need them. UO has so many color options as well, which is great because if I end up liking one, I can buy more. An idea I have is to wear them with the Urban Outfitters white polo shirt linked above!

Sweatpants from Aerie OFFLINE

OFFLINE By Aerie OTT Fleece Jogger 

These sweatpants have my heart. When I bought them, I got them two sizes too big by accident, but it was the most wonderful mistake I’ve ever made because they are perfectly oversized. They are incredibly soft and comfortable, and can go with almost anything on top!

Light Gray Camo Sweatpants from Abercrombie & Fitch

Men’s Essential Sweatpant | Men’s Bottoms | Abercrombie.com

I know you’re looking at the name on the website and thinking, why is she giving us sweatpants from the men’s section? Hear me out. The women’s section at A&F doesn’t have these, and I think they’re adorable. I look at the men’s section in stores all the time because you never know when you’re going to find something better there, and usually, I almost always find something really interesting and different that I can wear. I’m wearing my usual size with these, but if you like your sweatpants on the baggier side, it wouldn’t hurt to size up.

Lululemon Leggings from the MDen

lululemon University of Michigan Women’s Navy Align High-Rise 25” Pant

To get into school spirit, these leggings are a godsend. When I go on long runs or interval runs, sometimes I sweat through my leggings, which is incredibly uncomfortable. However, every single time I wear these leggings on a run or to the gym, no matter how far or fast I run, there is no sweat.

Mint Green Tank Top from Target

Women’s Value Tiny Tank Top – Wild Fable™ 

I love this tank top: it’s colorful and fun, perfect to wear with a pair of sweatpants (even the Aerie ones I linked just above this!) or a cute pair of ripped jeans. I’m also in love with these types of tank tops in general, and if you like this style as well, Old Navy has some that aren’t as cropped. I found that sizing up one size was the perfect length for me because it’s shorter on the sides.

All in all, these are some of my spring fashion essentials this season. Hopefully, this helped stir some thoughts in mind about what to wear for these trends and outfit ideas in general!

Ella Rizzo

U Mich '27

Ella is currently a first-year at the University of Michigan. When she is not in class or writing, she is reading several YA novels at once, playing with her dogs, and going to the gym.