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Eight Ways to Celebrate Summer

As I sit here in Espresso Royale 20 minutes after my last final, I can’t help but think of all of the amazing things the next four months will hold. From water surfing on Sylvan Lake to studying abroad in Dublin, this summer is going to be my best one yet. But during the four weeks I wait for the lakes to warm up and for my plane to take off, I plan to use these eight ways celebrate the beginning of an unforgettable summer.


1.  Workout

Unfortunately, during the school year my physical health tends to take a seat on the backburner. Between all of my schoolwork and the coldness of brutal Michigan winters, I never seem to make it to the gym. It also doesn’t help that the CCRB is worse than the old gym in my grandparent’s house. In order to get extra toned for all of those study abroad pictures, I use Crunch Live’s online workouts. They get my heart rate up and I don’t even have to leave my TV!

2. Eat!

What better meal to fill up with after a hard workout than Chipotle? Full of protein, delicious guac, and literally made to please your taste buds and stomach, I KNOW there isn’t anything better. Pro tip: try getting a bowl with a tortilla on the side. It doesn’t cost extra and then you get to make your very own mini tacos! Yum!

3. Add to your Resume

While I would personally love to work as a bartender, the hours aren’t exactly ideal. Luckily, chloe + isabel offer classes in jewelry merchandising to help spice up your resume and make some money!

4. Learn something new

When I think about learning something new, I tend to think of knitting or French braiding, but how about something a little more practical? In financial journalist Nicole Lapin’s new book Rich Bitch, she talks about the 12 steps to get your financial life in order. It’s not exactly a beach read, but considering I don’t want to be a broke college student forever, it’s totally worth it.

5. Shop

Now that I am finally able to shed my heavy winter parka, it’s time for some new clothes, but that can be super difficult with a collegiette’s budget. With boohoo I am able to buy amazing clothes from the comfort of my bed for cheap! And if that isn’t celebrating a semester well done then I don’t know what is!

6. Enjoy the Outdoors

Since the snow has only just melted in Michigan, almost everyone in Ann Arbor is eager to get outside. But if you know anything about Michigan, it’s that the weather can go from 70 and sunny to 40 and raining in about five minutes. For the times that the rain catches you by surprise and you’re lost in the middle of the Arb, use one of boohoo’s emergency ponchos! They fold up super small, are completely waterproof, and weigh practically nothing.

7. Travel

Whether I’m spontaneously heading to Chicago for the weekend or schlepping a quarter of my closet halfway across the world, there’s no way to celebrate sunshine and a lack of schoolwork quite like travel. But when you’re far from home and everything that you know, it’s easy to get a little homesick. Bring a taste of home and everything you love with you with a Her Campus keychain! They’re so cute, attach easily to any backpack, and will show off your love for this amazing publication whether you’re sitting in your local Starbucks or your new favorite pub.

8. Rage out

Nothing screams summer quite like musical festivals. From Electric Forest to Faster Horses, Michigan is home to some of the best summer music festivals around. Accessorize the right way with Blink Tattoos. Affordable, gorgeous, and temporary, these tattoos will have you looking stylish until long after the music has ended.

Thank you so much to our amazing sponsors: Chipotle, boohoo, Nicole Lapin, Crunch Live, chloe + isabel, and Blink Tattoos! We couldn’t do what we do without you! Have a great summer!

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Jaclyn Nagel is the Campus Correspondent of Her Campus at the University of Michigan. She is a senior studying English and Creative Writing and earning a certificate in Sales. She enjoys eating copious amounts of Ben & Jerry's ice cream and reading the Harry Potter books over and over again. Follow her on instagram as @manisandmojitos! And make sure to follow our chapter's Twitter and Instagram at @hercampusumich!
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