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Dolphin Girl Dives into the Hearts of Americans

This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at U Mich chapter.

So here we are, another season of The Bachelor is well underway and although ABC didn’t really hit it out of the park with Spencer Pratt stunt double Nick Viall as their pick for the bachelor, they did a pretty stellar job stacking the deck with a plethora of female contestants to talk about.

Of course we all lost our minds when we found out Corrine was in a Juicy J music video but there is only so many times you can listen to A Zip and a Double Cup. The true gem this season is Alexis Waters, or otherwise known as, Dolphin Girl.

Dolphin Girl stole the hearts of Americans when she showed up on the first episode in a shark costume and claimed she was a dolphin. As an aspiring dolphin trainer you would think she could tell the difference, but alas the facts escaped her as she pranced around the pool in her costume.

Since then she has done nothing but charm us as she brings comic relief and goofiness to the show. Here are the top four moments of Alexis Waters:

The entirety of her Instagram feed:

Alexis’s entire feed is full of witty captions and jabs about The Bachelor. My personal favorites being when she memes herself and, of course, Corrine.

When she was the shotgun wedding bride:

Who else would be the pregnant bride besides our girl Alexis? She walks out with shotgun in hand and says, “I thought I was gonna be hot and sexy with guns but I’m going with it.” Relatable!

The last minute of the second episode:

Alexis has about five minutes of air-time the entire second episode, however her shining moment comes at the end. She is being interviewed and shares some intimate details with the viewers at home. Alexis celebrates her “boobs’ birthday” by bringing out some cupcakes with a single candle in each. Classic.

Her Twitter (@awatazzz )

This girl’s social media is quite literally on point. On Twitter, Alexis shares some of her more intriguing thoughts, comments, and concerns. She is really talking about the issues we care about.

So although I am not confident Alexis will be the one who steals Nicks heart, I do think she was a solid choice for a contestant. So, Bravo ABC and thank you for giving us someone who can make us forget about the horrible state of the United States presidency and all that comes along with that, even if it is only for an hour on Mondays.


Images courtesy of: The Ringer, Twitter, ABC, and Instagram

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