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The Closing of American Apparel

By now, most of you are probably aware of the closing of all 110 American Apparel stores across the U.S. Some of you may have already reaped the sales benefits of this closing, and have experienced the blissful yet unnerving feeling of walking out of an American Apparel store with 3 new bodysuits for a price unknown to mankind. For those of you who haven’t heard the news or are wondering why on earth this wonderland that has provided so many wardrobe staples is now disappearing, let me fill you in.

1. The Backstory

According to their website, on November 14, 2016, American Apparel filed for bankruptcy. After a few years of financial struggle, it appeared that the success of the brand had reached its peak years earlier and was now on a downward spiral that retail sales could not keep up with. The company had faced a number of hitches along the way, including sexual assault allegations against CEO Dov Charney and criticism about the scandalous nature of their advertisements. On top of all of that, staying afloat in the retail business is not a simple task to begin with.

2. The Sales

After declaring bankruptcy, it was unknown what the fate of the American Apparel brand would be. Enter Gildan: a Canadian active wear brand that offered to buy the company’s intellectual property (an offer the they swiftly accepted). While the brand had been sold, the retail stores themselves were not purchased by Gildan, meaning that American Apparel would need to spend the following months liquidating their stock. In January, the company began 40% off sales, both site and store-wide… and the sales have only gotten better since. Individual stores vary, but at this point, select styles can be up to 70% off. However, because it is a liquidation, this unfortunately means that style and size options are quite sparse. This means that if you’ve been wanting that new bodysuit for months (and love the idea of not spending $40 for it), you should head over soon before someone else (with your same impeccable taste) steals it first.

3. The Bodysuits (and where to get them now)

If by the time you get to read this article it’s too late and you’ve missed your chance, do not fear. I know what you’re thinking. “Where am I going to get all my bodysuits now?! Will I ever be able to securely tuck my top into my pants again?!” Don’t worry, you have options, and I have some to show you. Although American Apparel may have been a pioneer in the bodysuit trend, luckily for us it has taken off so much that now, there are plenty of places to go if you want to have an outrageously uncomfortable (but trendy) wedgie all night! Here are just a few:


Images courtesy of American Apparel, Lulus, H&M, Top Shop and Misguided. 


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