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Claudia Lampert

Major:Industrial Operations Engineering
Hometown: Dallas, TX

Ever go to a game at the Big House and wonder what it would be like to be down on the field? Claudia Lampert has had firsthand experience. She is on the University of Michigan Dance Team and embraces every moment. She had the perk of even visiting Disney World for the UDA Nationals Competition. Performing a Jazz dance to “Sweet Dreams” acoustic version by Beyonce and a hip hop dance by a variety of artists, Claudia helped the team place 12 out of 60. As if she wasn’t busy enough, Claudia has somehow managed to maintain her composure as an engineering student, learn how to speak Chinese, and serve as an active member in a PanHellenic sorority. Her Campus was lucky enough to sit down with this campus celebrity to ask her a few questions.
When did you start to dance?
At the age of three; however my mom was a choreography and dance teacher so I have been living in the studio since I was born!
Why are you passionate about dance?
It is an amazing creative outlet for my emotions. It’s a great feeling to entertain audiences and get them to have the feeling that you are having right now in the moment. And it is fun to devote your time to something and have a crowd react to it.
How does it feel to be down on the field in the Big House?
Surreal. You can’t even imagine what it feels like. You start running out and you see maybe a hundred people. You keep running and suddenly you are surrounded by 100,000 or more and it is your job to keep them pumped up. The fact that they’re responding as well is so great.
How does your family react to your television appearances?
Not only do they watch it and TIVO them, but my mom has found that you can watch it on Big10.com. You can see two entire hours of footage. She hooks it up to the TV as if it is on cable!
How do you manage such a busy schedule?
It is almost natural for me because I have been doing hard schooling and competitive dancing since middle school. I use a lot of sticky notes and lists. Keeps me busy, but a day of freedom and I’d have no idea what to do!
What would you say is your biggest accomplishment?
I would say my biggest accomplishment was handling the engineering school with the dance team because I never thought it could be possible. And just being a well rounded person.
What do you want to do with your life? Do you hope to continue with dance?
Well I hope to rule the world. Anyone that knows me knows that is my ultimate goal! After college I hope to dance for an NBA team to work while I get a master’s degree in business.

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