Chloe Fishbien: President of Sigma Delta Tau

This week, Her Campus got the chance to sit down with Sigma Delta Tau’s new president, Chloe Fishbein. Chloe is a Freshman from Great Neck, NY and plans to pursue Organizational Studies at U of M!

Her Campus: What influenced you to join Sigma Delta Tau?

Chloe Fishbein: I joined SDT because I wanted to make a big school feel smaller. SDT centers around sisterhood, community service, and women’s empowerment. These are all of the values that I hold close to me.


HC: What made you want to be president of your sorority?

CF: I have always loved being a leader in the organizations that I take part in. Once I learned the values of SDT and the amazing people involved in it, I knew that I wanted to take on a big role in the sorority and make my mark.

HC: What is the hardest part of being the president of SDT at such a young age?

CF: I think the hardest part of being the president of SDT at such a young age is learning to navigate my life as a student and my life as president. I have just arrived at Michigan, so I am still trying to find my way in that sense. I am also still trying to find my way as president, as I have just joined SDT, too.


HC: What is the most rewarding part of being the chapter's president?

CF: A lot of what I do goes unnoticed, which, at times, can be hard. The most rewarding part of being the chapter’s president is when I get to tell people outside of Greek Life everything we are achieving. It makes me proud to lead such an amazing and powerful group of girls.


HC: What advice would you give to those who would like to take leadership in their sorority, club, organization?

CF: My biggest advice would be that if you are unsure of whether you should run for a certain position, do it anyway! I originally did not want the position of president, but now I can say it is one of the best things that has happened to me.

Photos courtesy of Chloe Fishbein.