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As a 21-year-old female who has never been in a relationship, holidays like Valentines Day is always annoying. We get it… you are in a happy, healthy, loving relationship, and I will forever be asked at every family holiday why I don’t have a significant other. Well, this year, I finally accepted my fate, and to celebrate I created the ultimate “men are trash,” “empowered,” “boss b**ch” playlist that honestly spans beyond that one dreadful day a year. So, whenever you feel like embracing “no man defines us” power, turn on this empowering playlist.

1. Runaway by Kanye West

Okay, it’s nine minutes long, so I understand how being locked into a song for that long can seem overwhelming. But after one minute and forty-five seconds, the beginning chorus, you will feel empowered enough to take on any man who has wronged you. The beat is extremely powerful – especially when he starts to sing it really picks up, and I bet you will find yourself grooving to the music. 

2. Love Ain’t by Eli Young Band

Whether you’re a country fan or not, this song should definitely be on your boss a*s b**ch playlist. Make it to two minutes and ten seconds, and I promise you, you will thank me later. This is the part in the song when the music gets a little quieter right before two drum beats and the band sings their hearts out. This song will really show you what you deserve in a relationship. 

3. Sunday Candy by Chance the Rapper

This is my favorite song by Chance the Rapper. Doesn’t necessarily fall under the category of “men are trash” playlist, but it’s a bop no less. Just because we’re single doesn’t mean all songs on this playlist need to be angsty. If you can sing the whole rap without stumbling over the words consider yourself the next Chance.

4. Thinking of You by Kesha

Her lyrics in this are masterful – she’s saying, very politely, f*ck you and look at me now. Whoever she is singing about may have broken her heart, but she’s doing so much better because of it. This is the type of song you scream at the top of your lungs with the windows down while driving down the highway. Who cares what you sound like!

5. Waves by Kanye West

We all know how hard it can be to get over an ex. Kanye is telling his listeners that feelings are like waves, they don’t just die. They crash. It’s ok to still have feelings, but by the end of the song you’ll forget that you even had feelings for that loser. Good morning Kanye.

6. Bow Down – Homecoming Live by Beyonce

What’s a boss a*s b**ch playlist without some Beyonce on it? Something about the live version of this makes you feel like she is personally singing to you, like you are one of her backup dancers at Coachella. It’ll be hard to walk down the street listening to this song and not bust out your classic single ladies dance. 

7. Sorry by Beyonce

I ain’t sorry that I added this one to the playlist as well. Sometimes we regret our actions in a situation, whatever they may be. However, this is one song that will remind you that in the moment you did what you wanted and that you shouldn’t regret it or apologize.

8. Sunflower Seeds by Bryce Vine

This song will make you feel like you are on a road trip, windows down, music blasting with your best friends in the summer. Something we all love and cherish, and sometimes this is what we need when it’s February and we haven’t seen the sun in a week. I actually forgot that it existed for a while. This song isn’t necessarily an F U to our exes, but it’ll remind us that some of our best memories are with our best friends and not the significant other that we thought was perfect. 

9. Potential Breakup Song by Aly & Aj

Who remembers this dynamic sister duo? The OG breakup song that I grew up singing back when I still believed that boys had cooties. I mean they still do, right? This song will remind you of the old, ionic Disney Channel and help you realize how dope you are. Who can forget the class “it was my birthday, my stupid birthday” lyric? 

10. Thank u, next by Ariana Grande

The ultimate breakup song. How could I not go for the obvious choice to end this article? The ultimate F U that we all need to be reminded about.

sara fox

U Mich '21

Sara Fox is from the Chicagoland area where she attended New Trier High School. She is a junior majoring in Dance with minors in Biology and Health and Gender. She has written for Consider magazine and is the technical director for her dance company: Cadence Dance Company. She loves HerCampus and the community it provides to the women at Michigan.
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