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Boots Are A Girl’s Best Friend

This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at U Mich chapter.

Marilyn Monroe once said “Diamonds Are A Girl’s Best Friend,” and while that may be true, shoes are too. From stilettos to moccasins and everything in between, shoes are an essential part of our closets, some of us with a different pair to wear each day. While 6-inch heels might make you feel styling, they aren’t by any means practical. Hunter Boots and Sperry’s are all the rage this season, with plenty of other brands also coming out on top. With November coming to an end and the first snow fall on the way, the cold winter months in Michigan give us the perfect opportunity for some retail therapy in the shoe department. So what exactly should we keep an eye out for when checking to see if we can find our size? Let’s take a look.



LL Bean Boots

Made in Main since 1912, these iconic duck boots were originally designed as the “antidote” to wet feet. The craftsmanship and premium-quality materials have stood the test of time, allowing them to be celebrated by both men and women around the world. No longer do we have to worry about keeping warm and being stylish with LL Bean Boots. Pair them with a cabin sock for a cozier look.



Timberlands Linden Woods Bootie

Perfect for a long hike in the woods, these waterproof and durable, lace up booties are built to last, even for the dirtiest outdoor adventures. With fiber laces and a padded collar, these boots will be your go-to when looking for a winter shoe. Though the classic boot comes in the color Wheat Nubuck, there are endless colors to choose from, even with a customizable option. Couple them with your favorite pair of leggings and an oversized scarf for the flawless winter look.


Tommy Hilfiger Freza Rain Boots

Before the snow hits, these cute and classic rain boots from Tommy Hilfiger are great for a day spent out in the rain. Take on the puddles in style with these round-toe pull-on rain boots. With a rubber bottom and fabric design around the upper, these boots create the complete rainy day look. The classic wet-weather shoe has taken on a whole new meaning with Tommy Hilfiger. Carry a colorful umbrella to complete your outfit.


Sperry Top-Sider Syren Gulf Duck Boot

Ranging in color and in style, the versatile Sperry Duck Boots let you adventure without having to worry about the weather. No matter where you are headed, this adaptable, all-weather comfort shoe is build specifically for convenience and warmth all year round. The micro fleece lining combined with the rubber sole ensures ease on both wet and dry surfaces. Who knew functional and adventurous could also be fashionable? Don’t forget your rain jacket!


Hunter Boot

Our favorite Hunter Boots got an update. Handcrafted with a thinner, more flexible rubber and straps along the back, this classic look was redesigned to create a more refined silhouette. Simply wipe off any mess with a damp towel for the pristine finish and shine that comes with every pair. Grab a pair of Hunter Boot Socks to keep your toes nice and warm in the cold.


UGG Pala Boot

The UGG boot we all know and love has added satin lacing to create a more feminine look for this classic silhouette. With a wool insole, there can’t possibly be a warmer shoe. Though it is often advertised in Seal Suede, this boot has numerous colors to choose from. Paired with a dark pair of jeans and a puffer coat, you are sure to be styling this winter season.

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