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The Best Food to Eat in Class, Ranked Least to Most Annoying

Picture this: you are happily sitting in class, taking diligent notes in your notebook as you try your very hardest to listen to your wise professor sharing her wisdom.

Suddenly, your stomach rumbles and you realize you forgot to eat your lunch! Luckily, you have a bag full of delicious snacks. Here are some suggestions of which snacks to grab, ranked from least disturbing to get-out-of-this-class-I-can’t-hear-the-professor-over-your-chomping, to help you decide what snack to grab.

  • Yogurt—go for it! With no pungent odor, no crunching, and no crinkling, this snack shouldn’t disturb your classmates.
  • A banana—see: yogurt.
  • An orange—it’s delicious aroma will fill the air; more importantly, the fresh smell will be only clue to those around you that it’s snack time.
  • Mashed potatoes—why not, they’re soft, silent, and smell like the most comforting thing this world can offer (butter).
  • Jimmy John’s—just please, save the chips.

  • A bagel with cream cheese. Everyone can get behind that.
  • A burrito. With so many flavors, everyone in the class is sure to enjoy one if it’s aromatic notes.
  •  Cheese sticks. Totally underrated. Delicious.
  •  Soup. Just for the love of the people seated .4 inches from your mouth, don’t slurp.
  •  Granola bars. Open the wrapper in one, swift motion (rather than sliding it up piece by piece) and you are good to go.

  •  Sushi. It’s quiet, delicious, and an you can entertain your classmates if they doze off.
  • Peanut butter and jelly—unless someone’s allergic to peanut butter. If that’s the case, this always moist and delicious sandwich is the worst option.
  •  Apples—the better the apple, the crunchier it is. The crunchier it is, the more people around you will literally want to remove your head and throw it out the window.

  •  French fries. Unless you’re planning to share. Otherwise it’s just a cruel way to make everyone in class salivate.
  •  Carrots—While they are certainly a healthy little snack, they are neither filling nor large, which means if you’re trying to fill up on them, you’re going to eat like 40 of them. At one minute per carrot, everyone in your 50-minute lecture is going to spend 80% of their learning time listening to you crunch those carrots.
  •  Tuna fish. As delicious as it may be, sitting in class, bathing in its strong and pungent aroma is not what most students want to experience.


Images courtesy of Giphy.

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