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Andrew Levey & Ethan Ramer: Alliance Consulting Group

This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at U Mich chapter.

Her Campus had the opportunity to interview Andrew Levey and Ethan Ramer, two of the students who founded the Alliance Consulting Group [ACG] at the University of Michigan. The dynamic duo discussed their experiences with other consulting clubs on campus, their visions for ACG, as well as the process of starting a club here at Michigan.


HC: What are you studying? Do you plan on going into consulting?


AL: I am currently studying economics and recruiting for internships in consulting. I hope to start my career in the consulting industry but am not sure if it will be right for me in the long term. 


ER: Studying Public Policy in the Ford School. Unsure about consulting, but one of his [AL] primary motivations since starting this club was to learn and gain consulting experience.


HC: Can you describe Alliance Consulting Group?


AL & ER: Alliance Consulting Group was found on the principle that all students deserve the opportunity to learn about management consulting and its recruiting process. At a high level, Alliance Consulting Group hopes to educate its members about the consulting industry and provide them with unique opportunities to work with multicultural and multi-ethnic businesses. 


HC: What inspired you to start the club?


AL & ER: After applying to many consulting clubs at U of M, I found the process to be extremely competitive and discouraging to students on campus. We felt that there should be a group devoted to consulting education and training in an inclusive way that welcomes anyone interested!


HC: Can you talk about ACG’s emphasis on inclusion?


AL & ER: Yes, absolutely. Our emphasis on inclusion is a cornerstone of our club mission: “To provide an inclusive environment for all Michigan students seeking an opportunity to learn about consulting.”


HC: What hurdles did you face in starting ACG?


AL & ER: In the beginning, I underestimated the amount of work required to create / start a student organization. I put a great deal of thought into our organization’s mission, goal, and vision. The biggest hurdle we faced was preparing for this semester, all of which was done over the summer. Our founding e-board members worked so hard to get ACG to where it is now–and I am so grateful for them. 


HC: What client services do you provide?


AL & ER: ACG is beyond excited to start working with clients to provide our members with real-world consulting experiences. The services we will offer to our clients include data analytics, growth strategies, and modernizations strategies. We hope to help our clients solve complex problems that their businesses face. ACG will begin working with clients in January 2019. 


HC: What differentiates Alliance from the other consulting groups at the University of Michigan?


AL & ER: There are two characteristics that make Alliance Consulting Group unique. First, ACG is different because we plan to emphasize consulting for multicultural and multi-ethnic businesses in Ann Arbor. As well, ACG prides itself on being an inclusive organization for all students who are interested in the consulting industry. 


HC: What advice do you have for someone who would want to start a club at the University of Michigan?


AL & ER: Starting a student organization is a process that takes an incredible amount of time and effort. If you believe in your group’s mission and can find others who feel similarly, then you should most definitely put forth your time and effort. The rewards will be SO worth it!



If you’re interested in learning more about ACG, visit their website: allianceconsultinggroup.org


Image Courtesy of ACG


I'm Melanie Stamelman, a junior at the University of Michigan. I am the Campus Correspondent of UMich's chapter of Her Campus and am incredibly passionate about lifestyle journalism.  I follow the news and lifestyle trends, and am a self-proclaimed Whole Foods, spin obsessed wacko.  Thanks for reading xoxo.